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  1. maybe I'll just get some sound proof headphones lol. not like I can really hear it with the phones I have now
  2. does this exist on all psus to some degree? my current 750 watt one and my old 700 watt both suffer from it too some degree. There are both corsair but are bronze. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I have been experiences buzzing sounds coming from my PSU. It seems to depend on what I am doing, such as it is very loud running a game at extremely high fps, like in an uncapped menu, or releasing only slight murmurs if I am just sitting on my desktop. I do not hear any sounds at all when I am in the motherboard bios. I have read that this could have something to do with coil whine, but I experienced a similar issue with my old pc. My new pc has a psu that is only a month or two old, anything I could do to fix this?
  4. I just finished building my second pc, but don't know how to activate the motherboards built in wifi. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I have a radiator and pump and everything is pretty locked down, as well as my GPU is not in the machine, so I'll start with just turning it upside down on a table
  6. Do you recommend I try to turn my case upside down? I'll take out my harddrive like you said and I dont have my gpu installed yet.
  7. Yeah I want to know who's idea it was to put small inacessable holes in the bottom of the case. Either way, I'll go for the tape and figure either way that I'd probably have to tip my case upside down to get it out.
  8. You think it would be a good idea to put a peice of tape over it or something?
  9. I could keep trying but I dont think so. The hole is incredibly small.
  10. Coolermaster master box pro 5 rgb
  11. I dropped a screw in my case and it went into a hole that goes into the feet of the case. Does anyone know how I could remove the feet or if I should just block the hole with something so it doesnt come out? If so what should I use? It's unlikely that it would come out unless I tipped my case upside down but I just want to be safe. Thanks.