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  1. paulo bazooka

    Access web interface on 3com AP9152

    Did everything in the manual, but the ap cant be access via web interface. With or without dhcp, the ip dont open the web interface. I guess there is something wrong with the AP... thanks for the quick response
  2. paulo bazooka

    Access web interface on 3com AP9152

    Hi, Im trying to access the web interface of a AP from 3com model AP9152 but the browser returns error do access. I can ping the ip and log in via telnet. I ran a port scan and turns out that only port 23 is open. Is there a way i can open a port to access the web interface? thanks
  3. paulo bazooka

    Off topic chit chat

    I dont think Brasil is going far in this Wommen's World Cup... lose to France for sure...
  4. paulo bazooka

    Welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forum!

    Hello all
  5. Love games and tech news... very bad internet though