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  1. The title, I originaly had an x51 all the way since ~2015, I've been using the same MOBO and Heatsink (Stock intel) ever since I got it, I've never even put new thermal paste. At this point is it even worth it?
  2. It sparks every time I start up my PC and my whole PC shuts down! Please help!
  3. Hello everyone, late last night I went to start up my trusty gaming computer and a spark and then a flame shot out of my computer! I quickly open up my case to find out what was going on and by the looks of it my system fan cable was severed by my GPU lock/safety tab, therefore what I'm assuming caused the spark. I removed my GPU from my computer and unplugged the fan cable from the motherboard and the computer booted up fine (I was using another 1gb GPU I had in my closest for the longest time). I put my GPU back into my computer and tried turning it on to figure out if it was the fan causing the problem or the GPU, and well, the computer turned on and shut off immediately, so I'm assuming my GPU is damaged but I'm not exactly sure how. The GPU is NVIDIA Gigabyte 1060 6gb Windforce OC 1.0 rev. I've already tried contacting Gigabyte for my warranty (I opted out for warranty but hopefully they'll send me a new one) and I've already contacted NVIDIA, but they only make the chipset so they referenced me. So far I have gotten no reply from Gigabytes ticket system, as it's very outdated, I'm not sure they'll ever reply. Is there anything I could do to repair the card myself? Or is it possible to get a warranty fast, gaming is my only passion I really have, this especially sucks because this is my week off from work.