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    Medan - Indonesia


  • CPU
    Amd e-450 1.65ghz @1.850v zacate
  • Motherboard
    Lenovo 04W2143
  • RAM
    2*4Gb pc 12800
  • GPU
    HD6320 506mhz -0.125v
  • Case
    Thinkpad Edge
  • Storage
    Intel 540s 500GB
  • PSU
    Thinkpad Edge
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    Lenovo OEM
  • Keyboard
    Lenovo OEM
  • Mouse
    Thinkpad Ultranav
  • Sound
    Phrodi pod-007
  • Operating System
    Linux. Windows 7 on PXE boot.

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  1. Don't need the cooler to be properly mounted i think, as long as there's contact with ihs and the cooler you could press it down with your hand or something. I don't think there'll be any permanent damage since there's overheating protection.
  2. Nah, probably he got 60$ in his hand and want to make the best upgrade to make that dell able to play games.
  3. In your case(zen 2) it's something to focus on but not necessarily a game breaker. A lot of different variable affects this but the main rule is if it's stable, higher speed means higher performance.
  4. Np, just keep in mind that at that speed is not jedec standard hence the notation of oc(overclock) speed, and as with any overclock nothing is guaranteed. There might be a chance that the memory isn't stable at that speed. But don't let it hold you down, with good quality memory the risk is quite low.
  5. Try with some acetone, widely available on brick and mortar drugstore. Or nail polish cleaner would be good if you willing to risk your cpu to smell like roses for a while.
  6. Just pick any b450 board you like but be sure that it's bios is updated to support gen 3. But I'm suggesting wait till b550 boards are out. At the very least there's a chance that b450 boards price is lowered by then. It's not a very long wait i think, b550 boards are imminent.
  7. Quite a bit, yeah. Especially on games that's cpu bound. Worst case scenario is good fps but freezing/stuttering on heavy cpu load.
  8. I stand with ryzen. Especially with x570 board.
  9. Depends on the games you will be playing and the settings. With your gpu reaching 144fps on most new games would be difficult even at lower graphic setting. So i advised you upgrade the gpu if you want to fully utilised the monitor.
  10. Yeah, but sometimes 1st timer missed these things and complained why the ram won't reach the advertised speed.
  11. Iirc on that board you need to install the ram in a2&b2 slot (it's marked near the ram socket or read the manual). If not the xmp profiles won't reach 3200mhz.
  12. The frequency of all the ram will be matched to the lowest speed of the pair. In your case the new ram you bought will be running at 2133.
  13. Not at desktop atm. But have you tried right click - open in new tab instead of middle button?
  14. Tibon

    I need help

    Most likely a faulty psu.
  15. This intel adapter is my top choice for pcie wifi adapter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EKQN2KK? Also eager to try this one from qnap http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DD86XW4?tag=wiki085-20