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    Medan - Indonesia


  • CPU
    Amd e-450 1.65ghz @1.850v zacate
  • Motherboard
    Lenovo 04W2143
  • RAM
    2*4Gb pc 12800
  • GPU
    HD6320 506mhz -0.125v
  • Case
    Thinkpad Edge
  • Storage
    Intel 540s 500GB
  • PSU
    Thinkpad Edge
  • Display(s)
  • Cooling
    Lenovo OEM
  • Keyboard
    Lenovo OEM
  • Mouse
    Thinkpad Ultranav
  • Sound
    Phrodi pod-007
  • Operating System
    Linux. Windows 7 on PXE boot.

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  1. Not at desktop atm. But have you tried right click - open in new tab instead of middle button?
  2. Tibon

    I need help

    Most likely a faulty psu.
  3. This intel adapter is my top choice for pcie wifi adapter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EKQN2KK? Also eager to try this one from qnap http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DD86XW4?tag=wiki085-20
  4. Try using different psu, if it's still the same you've narrowed the issue to cpu or mobo.
  5. Try finding it out yourselves. Run the most gpu demanding game that you have in your collection and use msi afterburner or other like it to see your gpu usage. If it near 100% most of the time then there's nothing bottlenecking your gpu. But if it isn't then something is bottlenecking the gpu, most likely the cpu.
  6. Yes, or at least try and ask evga if the can update the bios for you if you ship it to them. Not everyone have an 8th gen intel cpu lying around.
  7. So im not alone in thinking this is about bios. At worst case scenario, you could either use a newer chipset mobo, or use 8th gen intel.
  8. Ok, it might be the bios is out of date and not support that cpu yet. Any bios update for your mobo?
  9. Oh look a bot. Reported. Anyone tried opening that site it's linking?
  10. But i suggest you go for the pcie x1 wifi card. More stable compared to usb ones in my experience.
  11. Does it crashes directly after you open chrome or after a few page is loaded and running? I suspect the ram, try reseating or plug it on different slot.
  12. Not entirely right. M.2 is a form factor that uses M.2 connector, there are sata based ssd in M.2. If you want to compare speed then you have to compare the interconnect, currently available are sata based and pcie based. In practical speed limits, sata is around 600MB/s while pcie x4(which is most common) has around 3.9GB/s. That being said those speed is only a practical max speed, real world performance varies depending on the hardware. Currently, pcie based ssd only comes in 2 form factor for consumer grade ssd, which is M.2/U.2 and Pciex card. So if you want performance you go for pcie based ssd, commonly comes in M.2/U.2 form factor.
  13. ... That's called cloning. You clone a hdd to another then do whatever you gonna do to each of them afterwards. -clonezilla -macrium reflect -shadow copy -easeus todo backup -norton ghost Pick your poison, they're all free or free trial application to clone your hdd. Even if you clone your os hdd it'll still works exactly like the source. The only thing that's most of those application needs is the target hdd is bigger or equal in capacity than the hdd that's going to be cloned. If you yalking abour real-time mirroring be prepared to provide 6gb of ram just to realtime mirror two 1tb hdd.
  14. So, no further mirroring after the initial mirroring? Or uou still want tocontinuously mirroring it while having both of them accessible from os?
  15. Is your new hdd capacity equal or bigger than the old one? If it is, use clonezilla, you have to make a live cd/usb-fd tho. Lots of tutorial on the net.