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  1. I am beginning to think it is my gpu vram. I started noticing small white artifacting on youtube videos. At first I thought it might have just been the video I was watching but I rolled the video back and they were appearing inconsistently showing up only about 1/3 of the time, still showing when the video was slowed down. I booted up a tomb raider demo (known to be rough on vram) I noticed small artifacts quite quickly. My card came pre-oc with 1800Mhz vram, but it will not let me turn it down in manual settings. Curious, I tried the "auto overclock memory" just to see what would happen and the pc instantly crashed. I think the problem has become less frequent since changing cpu to 3600x as the gpu is under not as responsible to handle everything, if that makes sense, or maybe I am crazy. I got the card on price error from amazon.ca and it is still in the return period. Currently the cards are oos, but I think they pop in and out periodically. I think I am going to wait to try to get it replaced as I want to love the card and I love the price I got it for (when it works). After that I think my next choice would be to try to RMA it. Does anyone know if it is a pain to RMA a sapphire card? Worse case I refund the card and am without a desktop until I can find a replacement for a fair price.
  2. I ran ryzen's mem test when I got the ram, and again when changed out the cpu a few days ago, but will go again, this time with memtest 86. The only thing(s) left to change are my motherboard needing to be RMAed, reinstalling windows, or it being my gpu/gpu drivers Sice changing the cpu to 3600x from 1600x on this weekend my crashes have been much less frequent.
  3. No. I am not using four staicks. The ram has been replaced.
  4. Computer randomly has been crashing and I'm wondering if the dump file has any useful information. 5700 xt 20.4.2 drivers b350-f newest bios 3600x 3200 mhz ram This is essentially a continuation of my problems here: 042820-7656-01.7z
  5. "render device has been lost" causing overwatch to crash, upon reopening the game the system crashed, giving the flashing orange post code. Using minimal drivers Reverted motherboard bios to 5216 using the newer corsair ram at 2666 Mhz
  6. Switching the drive Overwatch is on did not work. I have had crashes upon just opening programs.
  7. I have not, but it is getting to that point. I will likely try it over when weekend.
  8. We might be having similar problems. I am currently testing my memory with ryzen memtest, had an error at 3200, currently running it at 2666 to see if it is stable. Will try again at 3200 to see if the error is reproducible and finally I plan on running my old ram to see if that is stable.
  9. No, I have replaced the hyperx with the corsair. The corsair is actually 2667 when I first seated it, until I changed it to d.o.c.p standard (hope I got the acronym right) I got the 3200 in anticapation of getting a 3600x at some point. Even when I was running the hyperX at 2667 I was having these issues, but I will try running the corsair slower.
  10. Pre-question: are 5700xt still having bad driver issues? I believe it is part of my problem, but I am not convinced that is my only problem. 1-2 times a day I will get one of: BSOD, screen freezes with the sound playing for a short time before stopping, screen freezes/black screens without sound, and sometimes screeching sound, application crash, soft reset and lastly, resets where the ram light in my post code is flashing until I kill power and restart (the last problem happen(s/ed) on startup or waking from sleep, I will mention that in a bit). Asus b350-f bios version 5220 ryzen 5 1600 chipset (Was overclocked to 3.88hz at 1.35V, at some point during this I returned it to stock) Sapphire nitro+ 5700xt 20.4.1 (I have tried recommended drivers, optional drivers, some slightly older in the 19.0.0 range and the using device manager to download the minimum drivers) HyperX 2x8 gb 2666 Mhz ram (oc to 2993 for a long time, not long ago adjusted timings and oc to 3200, changing everything back when issues started) new ram: Corsair Vengance 2x8gb 3200 MHz (REPLACED THE OLD RAM, I AM NOT RUNNING 4x8GB) CT500M500SSD1 (crucial 500gb ssd main drive) WDC WD10EZEX-75WN4A0 (1tb 7200rpm secondary drive) WDC WD7500BPKX-00HPJT0 (third drive I wiped and pulled from my laptop, effectively empty and I never actually use) BenQ ex2780q (144hz 1440p freesync) Dell SP2309W (60hz 2048 x 1152) Corsair cx750 PSU gskill KM780R, Cherry MX Red keyboard Logitech g600 mouse After upgrading to 5700xt from Vega 56 I started getting crashes, mostly in Overwatch, mostly with the error "your rendering device has been lost" resulting in the game crashing, but nothing else. I figured it was driver issues and hoped that one day it'd get better with new drivers. I played around with the divers having the best success with the minimal drivers going 2-3 days without a crash. Sometime during all this, I went to turn on or wake up my computer (I cannot recall, but it has happened on both) and in the post code it goes red then orange/amber then just remains flashing amber. A quick search tells me that this light is for the ram (there is no way this would be vram would it?). I play a bit of minecraft and afk'ed overnight, and when I got up in the morning I had the flashing ram code again. Frustrated and figuring I probably fried my ram when going to 3200, I ordered a new replacement set, which I got Monday the 13th. I have not had the flashing post code since, but it might be too soon to tell. According to CrystalDiskInfo all my drives are "good" with the ssd giving 96% I recently started running stress test using the Aida64. I first stressed everything but drives, ran for about half an hour and then instability was detected. Unsure what specifically went wrong, but it was time to run things one at a time. I ran gpu overnight for ~9 hours with no problem. Yesterday, I tried running everything again (just incase it is having everything under stress that causes it to crash) and after half an hour I got a blue screen!) Before I forget the bluescreens I have received have been: Video_TDR_Failure (April 2nd) Installed new ram April 13th mid afternoon IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (April 13, 6:49pm) PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (April 13 7:35 pm) SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE (April 14th, 2:30 pm while running Aida64 for ~30min) KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE (April 14th, 5:13 pm happened at the exact same time as I was restarting PC, the screens started to go dim then bluescreen, and the bluescreen was actually quite dim) Last night I tried to run everything but GPU. My gf woke me up this morning to turn on pc and boot up minecraft so she can play on our world (she plays on my laptop and I play on desktop, so when she wants to play and I don't I just leave minecraft open on one screen while I do my own thing) She told me when she woke up my pc, fans were stopped, so the test had stopped running at some point. But when she woke me up I logged in and the test said it had been running for ~7 hours and no big error message, so I am confused what happened there. I turned on the game and went to bed. She woke me up not 20 min later telling me that the game crashed. My pc restarted on its own and was at the login screen (she didn't see if it was bluescreen or not). My keyboard's marco of right clicking every few seconds was still running. Upon checking my chipset driver and writing this, I noticed my power plan had been changed from ultimate to ryzen balanced. I just changed it back to ultimate. Unsure how long it has been changed. I do not know this for sure but sometimes it feels like problem could persist when clicking from one screen to the other pretty quickly. It might be me grasping at straws, but I feel like playing runescape (3) on the main monitor and watching a stream on the other I have crashes when going from mousing over from one screen on the other to say type something in chat, to get a hang. I don't often watch netflix on my pc but I have had a similar experience with crashes when running that on one and runescape on the other. Almost a year ago I remember having problems where if i dragged the netflix app from one screen to the other I would get a crash. I also notice that when netflix is on the 144hz monitor and runescape was on the second monitor I was getting very bad stuttering on netflix particularly when fullscreen. When switched, they were fine, maybe a small amount of stuttering when in fullscreen. All hardware acceleration is off. I think that is everything to date. I am very sorry for the information vomit, but I hope I have given enough information to let somebody help. P.S. here is the most recent dump file. 041520-7921-01.zip
  11. So recently I noticed my reference vega 56 has been running a bit hotter and struggling a little more, so I picked up some thermal paste (Corsair TM30) and it just occurred to me that if I am replacing the paste, should I replace the pads while I am at it? Is there any worry if the pads don't sit the exact same some depressions in them may reduce contact when I put the card back together? Also would be open to some recommendations of decent pads (looking for good conductivity and a reasonable price:perfomance)
  12. I am running my Vega at 1140p 144hz so at that point it’s not very light for my card ? i just did aida64 for 6 hours last night with state 7 at 1590(default) MHz 1150 mV clock speed and vram to 850MHz with no errors so I think over the next little bit I’ll change either the voltage or clock speed 5 mv or 10MHz each night and stress it again until I get an error then back off
  13. Every once and a while lately my computer has been restarting on its own. It mostly happens when I am playing Overwatch (currently my game of choice) but it seems to only happen when I am entering or leaving a game, ie when the screens are changing everything is loading in or bringing me back to the home page. Another factor may be when I have youtube playing at the same time, such as watching a video while I wait for the que. I am wondering if, in theory, my undervolt is a little low and when it goes from 0 to 100 when entering a game it causes my system to become unstable? Any ideas what else could be causing my instability? vega 56 ryzen 5 1600 ROG b450-f(?) mobo 750W power supply Overclock/undervolt I have since toned down(power limit +50%)