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    Intel Xeon E3-1231-v3
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    Gigabyte H6 Sniper
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    Windows 10 LTSB
  1. You should probs contact VMWare or Citrix. You will definitely want redundancy (Storage, FailOver, vMotion (or another version of load balancing), fast storage and networking). If you make use of linked clones you can reduce the amount of disk space. For normal Office applications, you can get away with 4 gigs of ram.
  2. Make sure the DHCP scope is authorized and running. In the client leave the IP on automatic but change the DNS ip to the IP of your server (not the router) Check if you can ping the server's ip.
  3. If you run Windows 8/10 Pro or higher you can also install Hyper-V (for free!) for creating and running Virtual Machines. Hyper-V runs faster then VMWare Workstation thanks to the type of Hypervisor being used, but networking is a bit of a b*tch if you don't have two NIC's in your host machine. Otherwise you could use Virtualbox or some of the other suggestions
  4. Get yourself a laptop with a 8th gen Core i5 or i7. I've got the XPS 15 with the smaller battery but with a extra Sata SSD for cheaper storage (256+1TB) as my previous laptop had only 256 and I was constantly running out of storage space and constantly moving VM's and other large files around got tiresome and annoying. 8GB should be fine unless you are going to run VM's on it then 16GB would be a bare mininum. Cheers,
  5. You might want to wait for the rumoured Mac Mini and iMac refresh coming later this year. Macbook's get really hot (At least my old 2014 15'' Pro used to) when you use them with a closed lit and with a external monitor. If that issue is fixed then yeah that could work.
  6. Hello Michael, If you use a eGPU and a external monitor you can use the display's resolution. Mind if you do go for the Apple route with a eGPU only the AMD cards work out of the box. For Nvidia you would need to mess around a bit (Guides are on Google). If you don't go for the Macbook (Pro) mind you will need a laptop with Thunderbolt 3 or else the eGPU would be bottlenecked by the connection. Cheers