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About GeekInCloset

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  • Birthday 1993-10-06

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    My Closet
  • Interests
    Computers, Aviation, Photography. Did I say Computers?
  • Occupation
    Computer Engineer


  • CPU
    i7 4770K 4.5GHz @1.25V
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z87 G45
  • RAM
    Corsair Platinum 16GB 2400MHz
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 780Ti 3GB Superclocked
  • Case
    InWin GRONE
  • Storage
    2x Samsung 840 EVO 1x250GB 1x750GB
  • PSU
    Corsair RM1000
  • Display(s)
    ASUS VG278HE
  • Cooling
    Corsair H110
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow 2013 Ultimate Edition
  • Mouse
    Corsair M65
  • Sound
    Logitech Z506
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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  1. GeekInCloset

    OS X El Capitan

    I'll have a look and see once Its fully charged again. I don't usually have many apps open at all, only mail and photos.
  2. Since upgrading to El Capitan the other day, I haven't had such a bad experience with an Apple Operating system in like for ever. Battery life increased? Yeah right! Battery life is far worse than before. I am using a 15 Inch Retina MacBook Pro which I was getting over 6 hours at 100% but not I only get 4 hours! Apple, Apple, Apple - I think this is a bad Apple!
  3. GeekInCloset

    Two monitors.

    AOC G2460PQU 144Hz 24.0
  4. GeekInCloset

    Why Do They All Suck?!

    Why do most if not all major brand names such as Razer, Corsair etc mouses suck? I currently have the corsair M65, its good but the scroll wheel has mood swings (doesn't work the way it should akk: its broken). I've had many razer mouses over the past several years, the longest I have kept one without breaking max must be 6 to 8 months. Anyhow, is there any mouse you can highly recommend which you have used for longer than 2 years without breaking or being on the verge of breaking? Preferably a gaming oriented mouse with the ability to set a high DPI setting.
  5. GeekInCloset

    Convince parents

    I know you have Canon equipment, but if you sold all your Canon lenses and got the Nikon D7200 (which is slightly better than the 7D MK II) you'd be in for a winnner. Its cheaper and can do sports shots really well! I am getting myself a D7200 in two weeks!
  6. GeekInCloset


    I have had static in my speakers for years now, I have always used the onboard sound from the motherboard, I was just curious if a sound card would stop static from coming through my speakers?
  7. GeekInCloset

    Apple Memory

    I just took apart my 2010 MacBook Pro due to it not booting and just because I need a new one anyway. After trying my best to salvage the parts I am wondering how much two 4GB (8GB) of the standard stock memory can sell for?
  8. GeekInCloset

    Whats some random stuff you keep around your desk?

    MacBook Pro (because thats random junk isn't it?), a dog that sleeps all day, bunch of papers that need to go in the bin which is less than a meter behind me, medieval ornament thingy's, electric fly swat, random computer parts from previous builds, a wall Mural that needs to be put up, and some random games I need to throw away such as BF4!
  9. GeekInCloset

    Eye strain from computer use

    I used to get severe migraines after only 2 hours or so of being at a computer, but that was several years ago and I don't suffer from that anymore. I never get eye strain from using a computer anymore as I pretty much live at my computer....
  10. GeekInCloset

    That moment when babyface

    http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/?utm_medium=video&utm_source=linus&utm_campaign=&utm_content=linus&cvosrc=video.linus._linus ?
  11. GeekInCloset

    That moment when babyface

    Not a good feeling when you shave it off with a razer! I tend to use my hair clipper, smoother and doesn't hurt at all!
  12. GeekInCloset

    24 inch better graphics than 27?

    TBH the pixels are only visible on a 27" display if you're up close to the screeen. I have an ASUS VG278HE monitor and I am sat pretty close to the monitor, I only notice pixels if the background image is very bright in color. IMO, its all about personal preference, if you want a 27" then get a 27", if you want a 24" with slightly less pixelation then get a 24". There are 4K displays out there that are 27" at a quite affordable price, but don't have a great refresh rate.
  13. GeekInCloset

    Newly build pc won't boot.

    Double check to see if you have connected the front panel power connector in its correct port....
  14. GeekInCloset

    Correct PSU?

    I have done some research lately looking for compatible PSU's for a HP-MS-7613 MB, but I cannot seem to find many reliable sources that provide enough accurate information. I have found that a CS550M but cannot be too sure it will be compatible, I need to get a new PSU so I can install my old GTX 460 1GB into my neighbors computer, he currently has a non modular PSU without any PCI-E cables....