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  1. its a way to get past my schools blocked sites since they blocked vpn's too
  2. so i cant do it if i dont have a wired connection? I want to do wifi to wifi
  3. How do I make a hotspot on my mac and connect to it using an android phone?
  4. Yeah, I wish I got another case though cause it's kinda big lol
  5. @Snipergod87@Slottr another thing I forgot to mention is that after I charged them up the issues went away and I don't have them right now when I'm using them. Is it possible that it might have been on low battery because I was using them even before for a long time.
  6. I've seen the galaxy buds and even tried them but for some reason they literally don't fit inside of my ears. It's not the tips because I tried different ones, it's the buds themselves.
  7. What would you recommend? I know this is dumb but i've seen the grip things for the airpods, and this is even stupider, but iJustine said that after using her airpods that didn't fit well for a while, they just started to fit inside of her ears.
  8. What would you reccomend? I kinda wanted the airpods because I am going to get an iphone and I already have a macbook air and hackintosh for my pc.
  9. Yeah, I'm gonna return them since I got them from microcenter but I just realized I bought the airpods 1. I'm gonna try to get the airpods 2 from the apple store for the same price, and the reason I want them is because I am going to buy an iPhone when my phone plan ends.
  10. for 1300 thats a terrible gpu to get. the rx 560 is like an 140 dollar card. I'd say just upgrade since your gonna stay on 1080p and not streaming or anything, keep your mobo and cpu, get a little more ram, get an ssd to make it much faster, and spend the rest of your money on something much nicer like an rtx 2080 or if you want to save a bit an rtx 2070.
  11. I just got the airpods 2s and i was super excited, and the right earbud fits really well but the left one keeps falling out. Is there a way to fix this? Also, I was playing basketball with my friends and me and him were each using 1 airpod, and the sound kept cutting out. Even when we stood right next to my phone. the airpods still wouldn't play anything even though my music was playing and my volume was on and it was playing a few seconds ago. one thing to note though, I am using a galaxy s8 and not an iphone.
  12. lmao nice meme, but i was kind of looking for somewhere that might sell it for a little bit cheaper.
  13. i wanna buy airpods where should i buy them?
  14. I want to buy a new s8 case and a new screen protector off of amazon us, i kind of want a silicone case but i cant find any. send links of any nice ones and a good screen protector that you might have used.
  15. I'm less than 16 I literally can't get a job, also the gym is a nicer environment and I want the basketball court that they have.