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  1. Lmao, be prepared for 30fps goodness
  2. I have my Samsung 960 evo on the second m.2 slot right above my graphics card, it doesn’t have a heat sync but I am wondering if I need a fan for it will it be damaged or damage my mother board if I don’t? Also my case has quite a bit of airflow it is a next s340 elite
  3. Ok so this is just my opinion but I would suggest a better graphics card in general, you won’t be able to play medium or high settings on most games today, I speak from experience maybe medium in lower quality games
  4. So I had to restart my pc and wipe it clean, I then tried to raid my 2 m.2 drives, I was unhappy with the raid so I deleted it, but now they don’t show up in the boot order/ priority. I would like to figure out why, but I know that they are being detected as I try to raid them again they do come up. Has this happens to anyone before?