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  1. Budget build

    Thanks for the list
  2. Budget build

    In the US
  3. Budget build

    I’m looking to build a PC for a friend with a Ryzen 3, dedicated GPU, 8gb ram and a semi modular power supply and a case with a window, if anyone can send a link of a cheap build no more than 500$ it would be appreciated
  4. Mouse reset

    Is it normal to pick up your mouse to reset it on your mouse pad
  5. G502 help

    I do have a broken thumb with a cast so idk if that’s the problem either
  6. G502 help

    In fortnite or even gta, I have trouble maneuvering in close space, like when going down stairs I go down halfway and then have to rotate my mouse back. I constantly pick up my mouse and move it to the center of my mouse pad. I have 800 dpi .1 x and y sens Logitech g502. My mouse pad is 1ft by 1ft
  7. Budget case

  8. Budget case

    Atx and at least a fan, don’t need a radiator
  9. Budget case

    Need a budget case don’t want to spend more than 50$, thoughts?
  10. New AMD build

    You think just a 128gb one is good
  11. New AMD build

    https://pcpartpicker.com/user/mattrobbert/saved/HtHf8d thoughts? Doing a budget build for a friend
  12. What do I upgrade first?

    Would I just add one stick of 8gb ram
  13. What do I upgrade first?

    What if I want to do streaming and playing, but nothing too heavy
  14. I’m wondering what I should upgrade first, I only have a 60hz monitor and I’ll be getting a 144hz monitor, but don’t know what to do first inside the computer Here are my specs CPU -Ryzen 3 1300X GPU -Gigabyte 1050ti RAM -8GB Corsair 3000mhz Mobo- MSI B350 pc mate PSU- 500w EVGA storage- 1tb HDD 128gb ssd