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    AMD Ryzzen 1800X
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    MSI X370 Gaming Carbon
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    4x8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT
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    Nvidia GTX 650
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    Old Servercube
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    500GB Samsung 960 EVO + 3x Seagate Ironwolf Pro 8TB
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    Corsair VX 550W
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    2x LG24EB23
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    Corsair H100i
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    Cherry MX-Board 3.0
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    TT eSports Black
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    Emu 0404usb
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    Windows 10

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  1. Companys usualy don't use this consumer stuff. It's quite common to run the router on the already present VMWare ESX and combine this with dedicated Access Points. At home I'm using Untangle on my Hyper-V Host combined with several Unifi Accesspoints.Works fine. At work I'm using a Palo Alto VM-100 Firewall on ESX. At Home I'm using an Ryzen 2400G based "Server" for Untangle. Performance is acceptable even with SSL Inspection for everything enabled. (MS Activation Serves excludded)
  2. Physical Media, (CD, Vinyl) and FLAC downloads from HDTracks or Quobuz
  3. They might consider to use an European print on demand service. It's quite common for bands to have an US and an UK/DE merch store
  4. Ubiquiti Edgerouter Series can it do also. But if you want a single faster connection lock after Viprinet and Peplink. But for this you'll need a Bonding Provider
  5. 2016 VW Polo GTI with litte over 90000km. 2nd Engine (310 instead of 192hp) + 2nd Transmission (swaped together)
  6. I prefere Ubiquiti. For Routers and L3 Switches the Edgemax series and for Wifi the Unifi series. For L2 Switches I'm fine with Tp-Link and Netgear. A Router from the ISP is a no go. I don't like the idea not to have the full and exclusive control over the network. The Router for the main lines ISP is running in bridge mode. The backup lines on is an self bought Huawei.
  7. 3 Notebooks 5 Desktops (2 running as Hyper-V server)
  8. Don't forget over-voltage protection on phone/dsl and catv lines.
  9. As European I feel heavy pain every time I see the american wiring practice. Pulling out old cables could be quite difficult too.
  10. TCP will take care. A power outage is far more dangerous
  11. Frohe Weihnachten aus Österreich
  12. A Day To Remember As It Is Yellowcard Green Day AFI Rise Against Linkin Park My Chemical Romance Enter Shikari Billy Talent Blink 182 All Time Low Hot Chip Jimmy Eat World Paramore Panic! At The Disco
  13. USB-C phone charger, only one screen but 40" or lager,silent PC, headphone stand, ashtray, deskphone, notebook as second screen (Outlook), decent speakers like my Klipsch RP-160M
  14. I upgraded my house a year ago from one central RCD + circuit breakers to all RCBO the speed drops from around 80 Mbit to 6 Bbit between the same two wall outlets. The outlets are still on the same phase. Finally I replaced the powerline system with a proper OS2 cable to the barn.