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    Why this Xeon is not for gaming?

    Definitely pair this CPU with a decent Graphics card. I went from a Pentium G4560 to this Xeon, paired with my GTX 1050ti SC, and got over double framerate boost on highest settings. This was an unstable 60 -130 FPS, to a stable 140-220FPS on CS:GO. This older Xeon was 100 MHz better than the Pentium, and got double core & thread boost. The only problem was the downgrade in RAM speed from 2133MHz DDR4 - 1600MHz DDR3. However, I did double the RAM count to from 16GB - 32GB. The best part is going from 3MB CPU Cache, to 10MB CPU Cache. I have tested streaming, and it is flawless on counter strike. I would usually have better performance on Overwatch, than on CS, because of the better graphics engine, so some of the more popular AAA tiltles should have no problem with recording/streaming. Plus, this chip should handle moderate video/audio production.
  2. No, because the 24 pin has a locking mechanism to insure correct pins make contact. This is an odd question, but are all DIMM Slots, including unoccupied ones, locked? If there are unlocked ones, lock them. I was having this problem, with reseating the RAM after every shutdown, but last time, I just locked my unoccupied DIMM slot, and it worked.