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  1. Kurography

    800€ budget gaming build

    My thinking process was that RAM is the easiest part to swap out (or improve) in a PC and that´s why I cheaped out there, so that in future my cousin can just buy some sticks and replace them himself. In the meantime I can have an i5 8400 and stay in budget-range. Bad thinking?
  2. Hey guys, My uncle asked me to build a "budget" pc for my cousin. He is giving me 800€ and told me to make the best price-performance-ratio pc I can. These are the parts I chose: i5 8400 (will use it with stock cooler) Gygabite GTX 1060 (6GB) Asus Prime B360-Plus Aerocool Cylon Case Corsair CX450W Kingston HyperX (2x 4GB) 2666Mhz Crucial MX500 SSD (500GB) So what do you guys think? What should I change?
  3. Yeah well I tried out the windows feature. The problem with that is the very noticable delay, which is pretty annoying.
  4. Hey guys, A few weeks ago I bought my first standalone microphone, it´s the Neewer NW-800 (condenser mic) and I´ve been loving it so far. There is one problem though... I am kind of missing the sidetone feature, which I had had on my Corsair HS70 wireless headset when I was still using its own mic. Is there any way to get a good sidetone, without too much delay? I´ve been searching on the web for quite a while now and I haven´t really found an answer yet. Maybe you guys can help me out Thanks for any answers ^^
  5. Kurography

    NVME noob over here...

    My bad. I´m sorry
  6. Kurography

    NVME noob over here...

    I tried. I can only find samsung magician and that´s just a monitoring software. Downloaded macrium. Should be fine, right?
  7. Kurography

    NVME noob over here...

    Oh, so I can´t just clone parts of it? My main storage is at like 800GB and my SSD only has 500. Do I need to delete some things or can I just copy some parts and leave other parts on my HDD?
  8. Kurography

    NVME noob over here...

    Hello guys ^^ Today my new 970 EVO was finally delivered and I immediately installed it. I´ve been using my 5 year old HDD before I got this new piece of cake but now I´ve got a problem: All of my files are on the HDD (including Windows). Do you guys know a software to clone parts of my HDD to my SSD?
  9. Kurography

    Will a USB Type C to Mini DP cable charge my laptop?

    Yeah I meant charge the laptop sorry for that haha. Oh okey thanks for your answer ^^ Probably could´ve thought of that myself, but I wanted to be 100% sure
  10. Hey guys ^^ Recently I bought a new monitor and it´s got a USB Type C port which can be used to charge the monitor and mirror its screen. I don´t have a MacBook (which has thunderbolt usb C) but my laptop has a Mini DP out port. Now my question is, can I make use of all the above listed features with a USB Type C to Mini DP cable?
  11. Kurography

    HyperX Cloud Flight vs. Corsair HS70

    Hey guys^^I´m looking for a new headset to replace my old Turtle Beach P11 (lol) and I prefer a wireless option, because I noticed I´d really benefit from that. Now my two choices would be the HyperX Cloud Flight and the Corsair HS70; both are priced around the same right now on amazon. I tried to do a little research but it occurs that the two headsets never really have been compared to each other, so I´m asking you guys.What do you think? Which headset should I get and why?Thanks for any answers ^^
  12. Kurography

    I was in a hurry so...

    Yeah well I am too coming from a 5 year old TN panel BenQ monitor but you know... When you´re coming from such low specs you can´t really imagine what a (on paper) much better monitor could look like. I´m just really worried that I won´t be able to work on it and get nice and true colors... oh god...
  13. Kurography

    I was in a hurry so...

    I read this review and it says the monitor is kinda terrible: LG is the brand that has been active in this segment the longest. Two years ago they managed to impress us with their excellent 97-series models, which were also equipped with Thunderbolt. Last year's successors were also good, but did not innovate much and were also more expensive. This year the Korean brand does seem to continue this negative trend. The 34UC99 looks great, and usb type-c is a connector that is becoming a requirement in this class, but still a step back from Thunderbolt. With TB3 the brand could have offered all possibilities of this new connector and those of the previous models. Add to that the fact that the adjustment of the gray values in particular is clearly not up to par, while the colour fault is also too high for a monitor in this class. The good uniformity and viewing angles cannot compensate for this, especially since this monitor is also far from competitive in terms of price. Source: https://us.hardware.info/reviews/7743/14/hp-z34c-lg-34uc99-philips-349x7fjew-samsung-c34f791-review-four-times-ultrawide-conclusion
  14. Kurography

    I was in a hurry so...

    I got a 1080Ti paired with an i7 8700k so that shouldn´t be too much of a problem haha. The only thing I´m worried about is the truthfulness to colors. I don´t know whether or not the IPS panel is calibrated well enough to color grade photos and videos
  15. Kurography

    I was in a hurry so...

    Hey guys Today (like 10 minutes ago) I bought a new monitor: the LG 34UC99-W. I was in a rush because the two monitors I wanted to buy before that went out of stock real quick because of Black Friday. Now I wanted to ask you guys if I should cancel the order or not. Do you have any experience with the monitor? Should I have bought the 34UC98-W instead? I´ll be using the monitor mainly for video editing and movie watching and I´ll be gaming on the side. Thanks for any answers ^^