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  1. EvilKitty

    Temps great a week ago, now trash

    the work load was prime95 for those temps
  2. EvilKitty

    Temps great a week ago, now trash

    I know that is the main reason deliding makes temps better (hence why i did not bother with liquid metal), but my core to core delta temps where horrible before the delid, the 1st core was horrible before the delid and is just as horrible now compared the the 4th core Right after i applied my new NT-H1 paste my 4th and 1st core were within 1C of each other Before delid at 1.3v i would get 93, 93, 94, 80 for core temps after delid with expired NT-H1 i got 83, 82, 85, 78 (1.315v) after delid with new NT-H1 i got 79, 83, 85, 80 (1.385v) i just wonder why core 1 likes to be the one to get hot and core 4 like to stay cool i was not aware pump-out was a thing
  3. EvilKitty

    Temps great a week ago, now trash

    Thanks, though i had this same issue with the stock paste before the delid, though not quite to the same degree, 14C delta at 1.3V Really did not want to spend the money on liquid metal, i see it as better spent on a B550 motherboard next year assuming ryzen 3000 turns out to be as good as expected
  4. EvilKitty

    Temps great a week ago, now trash

    I have a NH-D14 on a Z97 ASRock board with a i5-4690K 2 weeks ago i delided my CPU 2 weeks ago (using paste, not liquid metal) and temps were pretty good last week i replaced my paste (brand new NT-H1) cause my temps went bad (it was expired paste, so...) anyway after applying brand new paste i was able to but my vcore to 1.385v with safe temps in prime95 (79,83,85,80) now a week later i can not even do 1.3v with acceptable temps, delta temps are silly again (91,85,83,75) * I did not leave my CPU running at over 1.3v for a week, only did a few benchmarks and went back to my normal 1.26v The only thing i can think of is the paste is being mashed to the top of the die/ihs cause the motherboard is mounted vertical in my case and a NH-D14 is a massive cooler, guess i could try rotating the cooler 180° but the noctua branding would be upside down
  5. EvilKitty

    Screen replacement for Galaxy S7

    The phone is a strait talk one form Walmart
  6. My mom destroyed her screen today, the LCD and glass are shot touch still works not that you can see anything The model is SM-G930VL(GP) I saw on iFixit's website they have 4 screens, one for each big phone company (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint) does it actually matter which one i get, if so do i get the verizon version for this model?
  7. EvilKitty

    Chinese Tools vs iFixit Kit!

    If you are gonna link all products used in the video perhaps you should also include a link to the modmat you are using to be thorough It does come with a ESD strap that does actually work ;) I do want a iFixit tManta Driver Kit...
  8. EvilKitty

    Any suggestions for two 24" 1080p displays

    I really do not see 2 monitors fitting on my desk that are over 24"
  9. I would like to have 2 matching displays these are the features i would like to have 1920x1080 120/144 hz free-sync w/ LFC display port (cause that is required for free-syncs on nvidia cards) Respectable color quality NOT Oled, cause I do not want to deal with burn in some usable built in speakers that are not complete trash would be nice (on par with what i am using now would be fine) i do not care either way about curved panels or not most displays i have seen matching these are about $200 the ones i have looked at so far are these (Hardware Unboxed suggested these in this article) Viotek GN24CB Acer GN246HL AOC G2590FX while i was looking on newegg i saw the MSI Optix G24C which claims 110% sRGB if anyone has any thoughts on that While i would like my main display to meat these specs buying 2 displays in the $200 area seems a bit steep to me if the seconds lacks some features while looking the same and cuts the price that would make me happy and when i say look the same i mean matching bezel/stand and color accuracy, it does not need any of the fancy features, it would be fine for it to be basic 60hz display as long as the color quality is the same i do not mind waiting for stuff to go on sale, not in a hurry for this so if there is a upcoming product that i should wait for to be reviewed all the more reason to hold out
  10. EvilKitty

    Optical drive survey

    I use my 5.25" bays for hot swap HDD bays, i have a Define R4
  11. EvilKitty

    Optical drive survey

    me My external optical drive is the one i pulled form my laptop where i replaced it with a ssd
  12. EvilKitty

    HDMI cable limitations?

    I just remembered about a second cable i have here from where i wall mounted a tv and the mount came with a cable, so far with 12 min in it seems to work fine with the other cable it was acting like it got monetary unplugged with alot of stuff animations screen (imgur home page) the other cable is probably a cheapo cable i got on ebay
  13. EvilKitty

    HDMI cable limitations?

    I am using my sandy bridge based laptop with a 1920x1200 @ 60 Hrz display unless i drop to 1920x1080 i get audio flaws and artifacts on the display (green dots/disconnects) I know one of the HDMI ports has issues on this display Is there a cable version standard that is required for hdmi to run at 1920x1200? Edit: audio still has issues at 1920x1080, but not as bad so far
  14. EvilKitty

    Why Can't They Fix This?

    If you using an app that prevents you from using the phone while driving they can prevent idle power saving cause they keep probing the geo-location feature Different micro sd card, maybe those massively dense ones use more power? You could list every application you have installed in the original post
  15. EvilKitty

    Scrapyard Wars 7 FINALE - NO INTERNET

    Season 8 Idea: The next level, use of for parts or not working hardware (Scrapyard Wars Season 8, For parts or not working; testing your repair skills) Allow 3 weeks to build best bang for buck system Allows for shipping time for ebay/amazon/newegg/memory express purchases; yes local in person sales are valid Buying parts on forums is also allowed 3 weeks makes economy shipping from china unreliable within the deadline You can sell/buy parts from your opponent May reveal what you are going for or trolling your opponent You may sell anything you buy anywhere you want Sales must be completed within 1 week of the builds completion This means you can sell fixed parts for profit, so it is in theory possible to build your system and have more money than when you started Any end game profit exceeding the allotted funds are awarded to the winner of season 8 as prize money (in form of hardware and/or cash) For example if allotted 2k and end up with a completed PC and have 2.1K remaining, $100 and the build go to the winner of season 8 This makes Linus's spreadsheet work more complicated Profit going to the winner prevents just using the allotted funds to make profit (screw the game I want profit) Must use at least one part sold as not working, for example: Bent pin repair needing Untested GPU with a no video out problem Bonus points are awarded at 60 FPS, 75 FPS, 120 FPS, and 144 FPS Prevents winning with unplayable hardware and rewards a better user experience Award points do not scale in such a way to allow a 144 FPS to beat a 60 FPS in spite of a significant price difference You may use company hardware to test components Do not kill a known good cpu with a bad motherboard like Jay did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQQPaS2PKZA