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  1. Buy one and get to benchmarking, if you can push content out before anyone else you get internet points.
  2. Why not on a cop car then for the lulz 'your honor, clearly this was for the lulz and cannot be considered a criminal act'
  3. I mean if you're going to stick it on anything, stick it on a long haul truck, a train, or a city bus. Train would be pretty amusing and confusing however I'm sure they have actual visual surveillance on the vehicle from time to time and would notice fairly quick that the indicated position and GPS position do not match.
  4. So what if he had gone to an automotive shop/dealer service center and asked them what it was or asked them to remove it? Would the shop/technician be in trouble for removing it/keeping it? Would they have been charged with theft or removal of police property? I see GPS tracking devices on cars all the time placed there by finance companies. Sometimes they're still on vehicles after they've been paid off long ago, sometimes there's 2 or 3 of them under the dash still installed. If I found something on my vehicle that I knew I didn't install I would surely remove it, open it to inspect it, google the FCC ID number or IMEI on it to find out what it is/who made it/who owns it and investigate how it was placed there. I assume this was a stand alone device not wired into the vehicle power likely stuck on with magnets?
  5. And MS could change that at any time, could walk into work Monday and the shop PC suddenly doesn't work which would be bad since it's a business which needs that to work to make money. The board had a key stored in it, so I got Windows for $30 with a free motherboard. Failing to see the perceived fail here lol
  6. Bitter

    dog thread

    Dog.exe has encountered an unexpected error. It's like she forgot she was laying down halfway through laying down or her butt just didn't get the message. She was like this for about 5 minutes, I petted her, pushed her gently to see if she'd lay, asked her if everything was ok, she was just chillin like this. Weird dog.
  7. Selling or just pre-orders? I'm interested in the RX 5500 for a new PC build for a friend of mine, if it's true it's RX 580 performance for GTX 1650 wattage at around $150 price point.
  8. There are hangups, you can't change some desktop settings and there's some nag on the screen. As this PC was built for my employer I didn't want to deal with any of that OR deal with the fact that MS could change their mind at any time and suddenly cutoff updates or cause the PC to stop working without a valid product key. As a PC for work that's not acceptable. Yeah, $115 for a working PC with somewhat modern hardware isn't a bad deal. I bought myself an extra day of paid vacation time with it. I'm waiting to see if the other boards I've bought have valid keys in them too, I know I have one Asus OEM board with a good key, the other one I suspect also has a good key but a busted socket BUT the BIOS chip can be socketed so I think I can extract the key somehow, the other two AM4 boards look like they were RMA so it's possible there could be keys stored in them as well!
  9. I was building to a cost, old PC was a 3.5ghz Core2Duo that I had to replace as cheaply as possible. $30 board, $25 CPU, $20 RAM, $20 video card, $20 PSU, FREE Win10 license because it was an OEM board with a valid Windows 8 key in it.
  10. Yes, that would probably work for your use. How many will be on the Minecraft server? Might be nice to have something with some extra PCIe slots in case you find the need for a second or 3rd network port and some load balancing across connections.
  11. I suddenly don't feel so bad building an office PC with a G3460 recently. It works fine, it's super power efficient, runs cool, and did I mention it works fine? Paired with a Radeon HD7570 1GB GDDR5, 8GB DDR3 1333, and Windows 10 it can do everything an office PC needs to do and even then a little more. Low end Haswell are a really good option for a bare bones budget PC for office type work or internet browsing. This CPU hits a peak of about 25W under load and can passively cool if the fan dies.
  12. I mean if you can get used hardware locally for cheap (shipping computers is expensive, they're big and heavy) then get whatever is available. What is the exact use for this? Mine craft and serving as a remote hard drive for music and movies, or will it be doing heavier work like Plex/DVR type of stuff? If it's just a minecraft and storage thing then much cheaper hardware would work out fine.
  13. So are any other aramid Iphone cases being sued about? I found at least 3 on the first page of google results that look nearly identical to both the cases brought up in this..uh..case.
  14. It greatly depends on the case choice, I have two ITX systems here. One is in a Core V1 and the other is in a CM Elite 130. The Core V1 has a lot of airflow and runs fairly cool even with an RX 580 in it and an i5 Haswell with a meh air cooler. The Elite 130 is running a GTX 960, Z87 board, and a funky i7 setup with some overclock. I could NOT air cool that CPU with a 90-95W TDP in that case for sustained 100% use, I HAD to install a small 120mm water cooler to get the CPU heat out of the case to keep CPU, GPU, and board temps down. I also had to add some active air flow on the VRM to ensure no issues there. Overall the Elite 130 is the quieter system which is why I use it for my HTPC, the most noise comes from the GTX 960 cooling fans and that's a pretty tame noise. I WOULD NOT run something like an RX 580 in a case like the Elite 130 or any high TDP CPU's either, around 100W would be the max CPU heat output with a single 120 water cooler that would work out in that case. The Core V1 has much more room inside for fans and cooling options and would handle a more power and heat intensive build much better.