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    i5 8250U
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    8 gb 2333mhz
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    MX150 4GB
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    120GB SSD + 1TB HDD
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  1. not because of performance issue. is about how well the circuit is and stable electricity.
  2. yes better gpu. and case if you dont want Small particles get into the component.
  3. 3600 is enouhg like @Plouffe said. especially your running 1080p. and you dont play fast paced fast so no need 240fps or even 144 fresh rate. why X570? do you need the PcLe slot? if its not then go to B450 Tomahawk or something like MAX Board. youre wasting money if you buy X570 just for 1080p gaming. 32GB for gaming? 16 is enough. and 5700XT for price. if you want Ray-Tracing then RTX.
  4. I would Upgrade PSU tho. i dont want your system to blew up. CX 550W 2017 is decent then upgrading gpu to 1660 since it same with 590 price. for GPU i choose Nvidia wcuz it cooler execpt NAVI . cuz for me NAVI is better than RTX. then your rame to CL16 3666mhz.
  5. mind replacing PSU. never trust used PSU too risky and i think its worth it tho
  6. yes 5ghz for single core not every core. and since things at least take dual core to process 5ghz would likely impossible unless you OC the Cpu to 5.0 Ghz
  7. i meant if youre selling then just go for 3700 tho. i meant 1080P display. its not worth to go over i7/R7. and do you need X570 for Pcle? if its not B450 is fine like tomahawk. and you can save money too.
  8. x has higher boost clock but more bucks spend. not worth it. just go for non X 2600. and get 3200Mhz ram.