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  1. Wolfycapt

    Cheap wireless Headphone

    so currently u got 2 pair of headphone 10$ MINISO wire and 20$ Harman Kardon Q1 wireless overall im not quite please with harman, it offer better quality but long charging time ( 3 Hour) and worse noise cancellation compare to miniso. its there any WIRELESS HEADPHONE that is quite good for aroudn 18-20$ that you can offer me?
  2. Wolfycapt

    Is it Too HOT?

    i5 - 8250u
  3. Wolfycapt

    Is it Too HOT?

    so im using vivobook s14 which has small fan and thermal steel. and it gets really loud and it crank the temprature when rendering i render 1080p 30Fps this is the temprature when i ram preview, not rendering. will it damage?
  4. Wolfycapt

    290W and GTX 1050 ti

    BAD. at least use 400W PSU minimum
  5. Wolfycapt

    GTX 1080 vs RTX 2070

    well 440 for used? for me im going 540. but it depend on what kind of game.
  6. Wolfycapt

    Monitor not working properly

    yeah i plug to the tv lol and it work
  7. Wolfycapt

    Monitor not working properly

    so im using LG 22mk430h-b and whenever i set my display to EXTEND. the monitor wouldnt show the video. for example, playing youtube the video is black
  8. Wolfycapt

    How much ram should i put in this pc?

    8 gigs, 70$ RAM like KLEVV BOLT would definitely perfect for budget
  9. i highly recommend at least 8 gigs of ram, 1600MHz ram would stutter the graphic. for me, I'll go for 2400mhz just in case.
  10. Wolfycapt

    IGPU ultilization

    SI have vivobook s14 With a MX150 4GB GPU, but when i check the after effect it said that my gou its not supported, and why the hell illustator is laggy and fan so loud i5 8gen 1.6-3.2ghz 8GB DDR4 2400mhz MX 150 4gb 120 SSD
  11. Wolfycapt

    400$ PC Build Help

    Fortnite Low to MED smooth and games like overwatch or subnautica limbo etc.
  12. Wolfycapt

    400$ PC Build Help

    can smeone reccomend me a build with gtx1050 with maximum 430$?
  13. Wolfycapt

    Network Driver gone ( CANT WIFI)

    So my friend kinda mess with setting, and the wifi symbol doesnt pop out. I check in device manager and its gone. Its hidden and i check it but it said error. So what do i need to do? Already update,restart and even reinstall And it doesnt use any external adapter
  14. Wolfycapt

    400$ PC Build Help

    I gor lg mk430-b and logitech mosue +key yes. Harman kardon headset
  15. Wolfycapt

    400$ PC Build Help

    its actually 460$ can i minimize it a little?