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Koda Edrick

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  1. Koda Edrick

    Max Temps

    I currently have a 1660 ti Msi ventus GPU and i was wondering, whats the max sustained temps that it could handle without damaging it? Does anyone have an idea on what the max temps should be?
  2. Koda Edrick

    GTX 1660 TI questions

    The 1660 ti has launched and a lot of variants have come out and its hard for me to pick out which graphics card variant is the best for the MSRP price and for overclocking? Thanks
  3. Koda Edrick

    Gtx 1660 ti

    Hello everyone, I have a computer with a AMD 2400g APU and I was wondering if I bought a GTX 1660 ti would my APU bottle neck the GTX 1660 ti
  4. Koda Edrick

    Looking for a laptop

    hey how about a xiao mi notebook linus had a great review of it theres the new note book with the 8th gen cpu's just make sure u get those
  5. Koda Edrick

    No WAN Show?