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  1. Hi! So first I would like to share the components (hardware) that I use and then explain the problem... I am currently using a macOS computer (10.15.6), an apple watch (4), and as a daily driver a Samsung galaxy A51 phone. I also have the old iphone, but it is just lying at home serving as a kind of a server for the notifications for the watch. The problem I am facing is that whenever I create an event on my mac calendar (it is linked with the google calendar) it takes a lot of time (a few hours) to be updated on the A51 , however I can not get it to work (to sync) with the watch or the iPhone whatsoever. Is there any option that I could choose that required the calendars to update on all devices idk every 3-5 minutes or so? (I did change the settings on the mac that the calendar is updated every minute...) Thanks!
  2. Thank you both for the recommendations! I will try to follow them as much as possible, and then get back to you once I will start building it (somewhere in the future ahah) @boggy77 @SavageNeo
  3. Hi! Yeah for starters, because I will see how demanding the games are going to be that Imma play... for now its just LOL and csgo... I chose the R5 3600 kind of because of all the new marketing and the videos that its much better than Intel.
  4. Hi! Thanks for the offered help! The budget for this is arount 500-600eur, and I am from Slovenia.
  5. Hi everyone! Since I did not build a computer in my life before, I was thinking of building one myself in the time of quarantine (for gaming purpose (LOL, CSGO...) or maybe some light video editing). Here are the components I would choose: - ASUS PRIME B450-Plus AM4 ATX - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3,6/4,2GHz 32MB AM4 - Patriot Viper Steel Kit 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3000 - Chieftec ECO Series 600W ATX (power supply) - MSI GeForce GTX 1650 VENTUS XS 4G OC, 4GB GDDR5 (or maybe a low powered for starters.... some 1030 or something like that) - *I already have an old case, and some ssd drives that I could use* Are those good parts, or should I go in the direction of Intel Core i5-8400 and then choose the parts accordingly? Thank you!
  6. No, I am using a 3rd party power supply that is probably meant for phones/tablets, still shows 3A...
  7. Hi! So I have bought a new raspberry pi 4b and have performed the initial update, however whenever I try to turn the device on again the screen just displays a white blinking "_" and the lightning symbol... I am currently using a 5v (3A max) supply. Is there anyone who could help me out on this one? Also, would it be better if i tried to access the Pi only through Putty without any hdmi or keyboard attached? Kind regards
  8. Yeah, I was also looking at the 2018 ipad (cuz its a little cheaper), however do you maybe know if I could use any other "smart pens" on the device? @Sorenson
  9. The thing is I already have a laptop, but for handwritten notes and equations I would need something with a pen...(and not a normal paper handbook, because I use like 2 books per month almost ahah)
  10. Hi everyone! I just started my college and I was thinking about moving to tablets - for note taking. I am looking for a semi-cheap tablet (200-250eur). I was thinking about buying the Samsung tab A10.1 (2019) despite having only 2gb of RAM, since I would be using it only for note taking and casual netflix... Are there any good compatible pens that would be good for using them for note taking? Also if anyone has any other similar tablets, please comment. Have a nice day!
  11. Hi! Well I was looking for a storage device aswell as a kind of streaming device in one...