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  1. How do i close the thread?
  2. Wow thanks! It worked Cheers!
  3. So i used to have 2 monitors; on connected with DVI to the graphics card and another one to the motherboard. Now here is when the problem starts; I got a new 3rd monitor. Because my graphics card doesen't have 2 DVI outputs i used Display Port for my main monitor, (its 144hz.). But when i connect all 3 monitors, the main one with display port doesen't detect. If i disconnect the DVI from the graphics card, the display port is detected. The monitor connected to the motherboard works at all times. Graphics card: GTX 1050ti MSI Gaming X Monitor main: https://www.asus.com/us/Monitors/VG248QE/ Monitor connected to motherboard: https://www.game-debate.com/monitor/index.php?mon_id=2040 New monitor with DVI to the Graphics card: https://dragonsgaming.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/samsung-24-sync-master-led-lcd-monitor/ (bought it cheap from a friend) Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX b360-f gaming. My thought now is to get an adapter for the new monitor to plug it into the HDMI on the motherboard but i'm not sure if that'll work. Will try it tho.
  4. So i just finished my new build, very happy and satisfied with it. However there is a slight problem; the case fans. They work as expected but doesen't light up. I have connected them to the motherboards Chassis fan 2 and to the power supply directly. After a few reboots and installing drivers it still doesent work. Any tips? MOBO: Asus ROG STRIX B360-F gaming. PS Also i believe all the 3 fans have been adaptered together, because they are powered by only 1 to the mobo and psu respectively.
  5. Parhelion

    Mastercard on newegg fail???

    I bought from a scandinavian website and it turned out cheaper, although the choice was more limited. very happy with new build, just finished today actually. thanks guys!
  6. Parhelion

    Mastercard on newegg fail???

    Recently tried to buy some stuff off newegg for around 1000$. used mastercard but declined. they said the site was blacklister or smth. anyone know about it? i live in scandinavia btw. very weird. card was blocked etc. i do believe newegg is legit but is there something im missing? edit if u dont know mastercard is credit.
  7. Parhelion

    How many fans can i use with my mothrrboard?

    So i need a fan splitter or what its called.
  8. I have a case that comes with 4 fans. Also i ofc got cpu fan. My motherboard is/ will be a ASRock H370 Performance LGA 1151 ATX Intel Motherboard. Will i need some extra stuff?