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Everything posted by BartTech

  1. BartTech

    Weird 2 GB sign in speccy

    I have a i5 3350p and a GTX 1060 6GB and 8 gigs of ram. On the program Speccy it says for my GPU: 2047 MB NVIDiA GTX 1060 6GB Is this 2047 MB normal? because in the crew 2 i have been getting fps drops to the 40's on high Can someone help?
  2. BartTech

    Weird 2 GB sign in speccy

    oh ok. thanks!
  3. BartTech

    New budget gaming PC

    Seems like a good build for 1080p gaming!
  4. Maybe the LP version would fit. But you already bought another card so.. Maybe you can return this card?
  5. BartTech

    is it worth Upgrading ?

    Do you really need 32 Gigs of RAM? Little overkill maybe.
  6. G4560 + MSI 1110M ECO is a solid choice
  7. BartTech

    Is this HP Omen Gaming PC Worth It?

    Build it yourself, it's not that hard and way more cheaper. ( Just my opinion )
  8. BartTech

    GPU Fit

    Ok, thanks a lot!
  9. BartTech

    GPU Fit

    Just wondering, I have a Asus P8H61 Motherboard, and i am planning on buying a MSI GTX 1060 3GB Gaming version. Will this fit on my motherboard? And will there be enough space left for a networkcard?
  10. BartTech

    Upgrading GPU / bottleneck

    (i have a budget of 60 euros for a new cpu)
  11. BartTech

    Upgrading GPU / bottleneck

    I have a i5 3350p and a r9 270 2GB now, but i want to upgrade my GPU to a GTX 1060 3G, will this cause a bottleneck? And do i need to upgrade my CPU as well?
  12. BartTech

    Upgrading GPU / bottleneck

    Is that similar to a i7 2600?
  13. BartTech

    Upgrading GPU / bottleneck

  14. BartTech

    Upgrading GPU / bottleneck

    Will a i7 2600 be enough?