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  1. J.b091

    Gtx 1070/1070ti compatibility with i5 3570

    Yeah, that's what I thought too. Enjoy your new card!
  2. J.b091

    Gtx 1070/1070ti compatibility with i5 3570

    Let us know when u buy it and install how satisfied you will be and how much improvement will you see.
  3. J.b091

    Gtx 1070/1070ti compatibility with i5 3570

    Get 1070ti, it won't hurt and even in the future, if you decide to sell, you will sell it with higher price than 1070. Also, I'm not sure about i5 3570, but I have i7 3770k (not even overclocked) with 1600mhz RAM (16GB). I upgraded this GPU from GTX 780 ti and I saw a lot improvement. with GTX 780 ti I didn't have 60 fps in modern games with ultra graphics (with 2560x1080 resolution), but with GTX 1070 I have 60 fps almost in all games on ultra & I'm very satisfied with my choice. P.S. My RAM has 2600mhz support (Gk.Skill Trident X), but it's unstable with my CPU, plus doesn't give me any difference in fps in games (tested). So don't worry if your RAM is 1666mhz.
  4. J.b091

    How is Gigabyte customer service?

    Thx for info. Let me know how it will go.
  5. I have Gigabyte GPU and was wondering how is their customer service, if something happens... I have heard that Asus has bad customer service, but EVGA has best, so I'm wondering how is Gigabyte?
  6. I want to know how is customer service of graphics card vendors. Which is worst, which is best and etc.. I have heard good things about EVGA customer service. But what about others like Gigabyte, Asus, Zotac, MSI and etc... Share your experiences with those companies if you don't mind, I will gladly read
  7. J.b091

    MSI 980 Gaming X fan problem

    Let's update driver, clean uninstall with DDU and install latest update. After that update those apps as well and let's see situation.
  8. J.b091


    I'm not going to read it & hurt my eyes. Oh wait, he fixed it.
  9. J.b091

    What rtx 2080 ti card should i buy?

    I would choose between Asus ROG strix or Gigabyte. One thing I liked about Gigabyte is their new fan spinning design:
  10. J.b091

    GPU upgrade thoughts

    I agree with you, but it's "it", not "he".
  11. J.b091

    RTX 2070 vs GTX 1080

    My first card with blower fan was Zotac GTX 560 It was terrible, in games it was sitting on 83-85° & was very loud like a jet plane. Eventually I gave it to my friend where it even went to 90-95° and then died as far as I remember correctly. Another blower fan card which I had was reference GTX 780 TI It was another "Stove". In games it was sitting on 85° at first, but later it also got worse degrees reaching more than 90° & throttling was starting. I applied new thermal paste to it, but it didn't help (also did same to that GTX 560 and didn't help it too). I had to setup fan for faster RPM to let it at least get back to 85-87°, but again it was still so loud like another jet plane. If I wanted to play at night with lower sound as others were sleeping, it was impossible & giving me more irritation. Eventually, I sold it with very cheap price & warned it's future owner of temperature issues and gave him advice as well to use fan curve to avoid overheating. After that, I added more money on the top of that money and bought Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1, which has 3 fans. It's coolest and most silent card I have ever had. And one thing I know for sure - will never ever buy card with blower fan!
  12. J.b091

    RTX 2070 vs GTX 1080

    I would go with GTX 1080, because that Asus has blower fan which is loud and hot (can tell from my experience - had 2 cards with that style of cooling and they both were horrible. Currently have 3 fans card and it's very silent and cool [never goes beyond 65° in games]).
  13. J.b091

    HELP!! VERY LOUD fan (Windforce GTX 1080)

    Oh, so it was something physical problem with fans. Congrats with Aorus.
  14. J.b091

    Problems with a used gpu

    That PSU seems cheap (crap) one, besides it's only 300. I'm almost sure it's your PSU causing that problem. I would suggest to get better PSU with more wattage and 80+ certificate.
  15. J.b091

    rtx 2070 bottle neck with 6800k?

    I'm not sure, but I think no. I have i7 3770k without overclocking + GTX 1070 and still not getting my CPU at 100% in none games I play. Still enjoying games with smooth 60 fps. So I don't think that CPU would make bottleneck for that GPU, especially in games & not in synthetic benchmarks.