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  1. J.b091

    Best 4K TV (NOT SMART)

    What a weird post... I believe all 4k and modern TVs are smart now and I don't think you can find 4k without smart features. Anyway, if you don't want extra (smart features), just don't use them, simple as that.
  2. J.b091

    Is HDR and 10 bit same thing?

    Then I do not understand why some regular monitors and TVs have "HDR" label? For example when I bought TV it said it supports HDR and is 4k but it's not oled, just regular led TV.
  3. J.b091

    Is HDR and 10 bit same thing?

    I have Samsung 4k HDR TV, but my PC has normal non HDR screen and want to know which HDR videos I can have for my TV. Thanks for link info.
  4. J.b091

    Is HDR and 10 bit same thing?

    Also is there any way to tell if video file is HDR if I check file info?
  5. J.b091

    Is HDR and 10 bit same thing?

    so for example video can be 10 bit but not necessarily HDR?
  6. J.b091

    Is HDR and 10 bit same thing?

    When I'm browsing websites and if in movie's info says hevc 10 bit, does it also automatically mean it's HDR movie?
  7. J.b091

    How to turn off updates in Windows 10

    I already mentioned specs in my post and no, I can't get new processor, but thx for suggestion.
  8. I'm having this problem in my wife's PC. Specs are: i3 550 (first generation), 4GB RAM and 120GB SSD (Kingston). Few days ago when she turned on PC it stuck at logo and didn't do anything, after many tries of manual resets which didn't help, she unplugged and replugged and it worked. Everything seemed ok, but today morning it started again. This time I was at home and tried manual reboots first, didn't work, got Automatic repair screen, tried it, but it said it couldn't repair. Then I unplugged and replugged again, but this time it didn't work. I didn't have other choice, but to use "reset this PC" option. It helped and Windows launched. First thing I did, went in updates and updated Windows. It required reboot, I did and boom! Windows is stuck in logo state again. So now I have suspicion, maybe updates are causing this problem and want to disable. I went in settings, but couldn't find disable option. Is there any other way to disable updates? So I can check if updates are causing this trouble or no?
  9. Yeah, forcing something to people is usually a bad sign. Good product doesn't need advertisement & shout: "look at me, I'm best, use my browser". That usually creates contrary actions & makes people thing that something is fishy in your product.
  10. Weird question. Are you from the same planet as me? Yes people still use it including me and 99% of people I know including coworkers, friends, relatives use & etc... I can't think of someone who doesn't have FB nowdays
  11. Let's admit everyone Microsoft was always poor with browsers. First their IE, which was disaster, now they tried to improve and replace it with Edge, but still it's behind especially when comparing it to such big browsers like Chrome or even FF. I prefer any day browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera to that Edge. Microsoft is only good with making OS. In other fields they suck in my opinion.
  12. So how this copyright thing works? For example I create song and upload on youtube. How someone else can claim that this song was created by them? Definitely they can't prove it. So how is it possible that they can win court case?
  13. Are google products made from different developers? I thought they were made by same team. I posted on their forum and their developer (I think) replied, asked me my location to fix the issue & someone from Germany said she was having same problem.
  14. Why some Google apps in playstore aren't available for me (my country), while some are? For example, I was able to install Google Keep, News, Calendar, but couldn't find Google Contacts. So I used browser in my phone, went to playestore link from there and it says it's not available in my country. However web based version is available for me fully. I really don't understand why...