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  1. Why is EVERYONE Buying these Headphones??

    I own Cowin e7 and it's the best headphones I ever had. They are so comfortable, reduce outside noise so well that I don't even use noise canceling feature and battery is so good, it lasts me for 1 week without charge and I use these phones at work for 8 hours everyday except weekends. They are perfect headphones for my job, couldn't be much happier.
  2. And it's not something to be proud. And yes, you should be ashamed if our country is pirating things like left and right. There are some normal people like me who doesn't pirate/steal & buy games and other things officially how it's supposed to be for normal people and society. For only 35 lari you can subscribe for Netflix ultraHD package. It's not that big money to cry for and pirate things. FHD package even costs less, which I'm using right now. And games are also quite cheaper on Steam for us comparing to other countries and me and my other friends, we all buy games and don't pirate and yes, they are Georgian too. Saying I'm doing crime because everyone does here doesn't justify you. If everyone would do same like you do, there wouldn't be games, movies and anything anymore. Thank God, there are normal thinking people in this world who realize what's wrong and right.
  3. Please don't shame Georgia (caucasus). I'm from there too and I do not promote piracy like you do. Also no it's not justified for you. It doesn't matter how much you make per year, it's not excuse. It's like saying I'm stealing because I don't have money. Stealing is still crime and it shouldn't be glorified but shamed.
  4. You will be still fine with that i5. So don't worry mate
  5. I like it. The only thing, I would go with i7 if it was me, but still that build looks very good.
  6. Which should i choose?

    First start with SSD. It will give you big difference. After that if I were you, I would start replacing other parts slowly (CPU,GPU..). Actually this is how I upgraded my rig from low end i3 to high end gaming i7. A
  7. qBittorrent. No ads. Just simple and clean design.
  8. Can I revert back to MIUI 9?

    I don't know. I'm trying to avoid to do it with custom installing to keep my warranty. Just curious if restoring backup or factory reset can get me back 9 version.
  9. Hi, recently I got system update notification in my Xioami S2 phone and MIUI version has been updated to 10 from 9, but I don't like new one and want to go back. Is there any easy way to do it, like using backup or factory reset?
  10. Which 2080 Will You Choose?

    I have bad experience with Zotac and 2 of friends had issue with MSI cards. Currently have Gigabyte card and it's great. Had Asus before and it wasn't bad either. From those two I would pick either Asus, either Gigabyte.
  11. I didn't know whole story. So it seems that another guy started everything by stating Musk can put his submarine in his rear hole. Well, that's quite rude statement, I would be insulted and upset if someone would say something like that about me & react too. However I still think Musk shouldn't call him "pedo". It's serious accusation. He could use some other words like idiot or something like that...
  12. Password Manager

    Can you tell me if Lastpass is open source or closed source? Right now I'm using it. Should I switch to something open source if it's closed source?
  13. Who uses Motion Blur?

    Love it. Use it in all games when available, including competitive games like CS GO.
  14. Which Windows operating system is the most hated in history?

    For me most hated OSes were Windows 8 and XP. XP was nest for antiviruses & ugliness. We were working in other companies and most infected computers were with XP. Then Vista came and those XP viruses weren't working on it, we upgraded PC's to Vista and problems were gone. I liked Vista. Sure it was resource hog and needed strong hardware, but it was more secure & pretty. I hated XP's ugly design. Vista was a huge improvement over XP in all aspects besides it was heavy for hardware in my opinion. On XP I remember installing OS almost every month. Windows 7 was nice improvement after Vista. But I still preferred Vista's taskbar design. My another hated OS was Windows 8. I hated it's Metro design so much... It was hideously frustrating. Couldn't stand it & I went back to 7, then they released Win 8.1, which was better. And then finally we got 10, which I think is best OS at this moment. Some people hate it because of telemetry, but I really don't care about it, I'm even open to share my experience with it to Microsoft & provide feedback.
  15. Why stick with Windows besides Gaming?

    You are asking what is the point of staying on Windows despite gaming, some Windows only programs for work or education, right? I'll ask you back: What's the reason to leave Windows and go to another OS? I'll say this: I have Windows 10 at home, I game on weekends, sometimes use it for browsing, checking FB and that's it. Few years ago I tried Ubuntu. It wasn't bad, I could do same there (browsing Internet, checking Facebook and etc..), but I couldn't game there. So I went back to Windows 10. In short, what I want to say, even if I stopped playing games in my PC, why I should go back to Linux (When the only thing I do there is browse Internet and check Facebook)? I can do on both system, but why go on Linux when I already have Windows. In short, both operating systems are good with me, difference is that I can't game on Linux, so I would give Windows 5/5 and to Linux 4/5. If there were games on Linux and I didn't have Windows, then yes, I would get Linux which is free rather paying some cash, but when there are no games on Linux and I already have Windows, then I choose to stay on it.