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    I7 2600
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    DP67BG - Extreme Series
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    8GB DDR3
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    GTX 770
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    2x120GB SSD Raid0, 2x2TB Hardrive Raid 0
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  1. How do i stop it using all my CPU power? Nothing is running on the server i just rebooted it but its siting at 30% cpu all the time. i have Dual E5-2620's
  2. Hey i have a dedicated server i run a few gameservers on this machine i notice there is a procces called SVCHOST it uses 2.7MB of ram and a solid 30% of my CPU. i dont have windows updates installing or anything if i end the procces my server restarts. what is it?
  3. Wouldent you just need a heap fot hem CELL's a link em all together that should keep a charge to power the rig no issues
  4. Hey! I have this nice Dedicated server setup for a few Gameservers, I am collocating this hardware in a datacenter in Sydney Australia. I feel as if my hard drives are the only bottle neck in my system>? Post your servers Cinebench and Speedtest and Crystal disk in the reply to this topic? Dual 2620 V2 32GB DDR3 2x1TB Sata (Raid 0) I thought it would be cool to run a few benchmarks
  5. Buy a Small Virtual machine. "VPS" you can pick them up for dirt cheap, host your Whole thing on the VPS
  6. Hello i though a few people might be interested in the Resource usage of a High populated server 92/200 Players online
  7. Im geting my tax return in a few weeks will defently be buying some hardware, i wanted it to be online 24/7 at least until its to populated for my home connection to handle then move it into a datacenter
  8. Yeh true, PSU dont cost too much though without the Monthly subscription depending on Power prices it might workout cheeper to run it from home than to pay for it to be hosted?
  9. True that, makes hosting my own hardware from home feel worth it.
  10. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SuperMicro-1U-Server-X9SCM-F-Motherboard-Intel-Xeon-E3-1275-V2-3-5GHz-CPU-2x2TB/173403377629?epid=16018469257&hash=item285fa58fdd%3Ag%3AkqAAAOSwSatbDCh4&_sacat=0&_nkw=1ru+server+3ghz&_from=R40&rt=nc&LH_TitleDesc=0|0 Something like this :D ?
  11. OVH < Recently Launched a location in Australia they have alright prices for dedicated machines.
  12. i want to get brand new hardware and i want to setup the server in my man cave so it looks tuff. can setup file streaming for my family this way aswell. I did consider buying a used/refurbished 1RU Server off ebay and colocating it with a datacenter
  13. 4 CPU @ 3Ghz 8GB RAM 80GB SSD 2TB Traffic 1 IP Address (Upgradable) 100Mbit Connection $60/AUD Month
  14. currently renting a VPS but its host node has noisy neighbors our performance is horrible, would consider Colocating this hardware if the servers got popular i just want to build this rig for something to spend my spare time messing around with