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  1. I have a 240mm AIO so I should be fine, thanks for the help!
  2. I currently don't have the case as I'm changing cases, I'm only considering this case. Although I do have all my hardware, including AIO, Motherboard, and Ram. I found this picture off the internet which leads me to believe that I'm ok, unless there are any red flags with this photo
  3. I believe I have a B350-F Strix and Geil Luce Super RGB Ram. I believe the Ram is about the size of Trident Z RGB and the mobo's VRM heatsink are kind of high
  4. Hey guys! I have a lot of post on this forum about cases and I was wondering about the Lian Li Lancool One White. Lian Li claims on their site that they can fit 120mm, 240mm, and 360mm radiators on the top. But when I look at the case, the top clearance looks so small and doesn't look like it could fit a radiator and fans. I believe I have a ML240L, with the radiator being 27mm thick and the fans 25mm thick.
  5. ArcticEngineer

    Radiator Placement: Top VS Front

    How short does the ram have to be
  6. ArcticEngineer

    Radiator Placement: Top VS Front

    yes I will, I believe they're the rgb ones included with the MasterBox Pro 5. I also have dedicated fans that came from the radiator so it'll be essentially push pull
  7. Hey people! I'm switching cases soon and I need to decide where to place my radiator. I'm considering getting the Meshify C and it has options for top or front mount. From my understanding, front mount gives lower CPU but higher GPU and top mounting gives lower GPU but higher CPU temps. I do a lot of heavy gaming and video editing and my CPU runs at around 55C and my GPU at around 74C. I really want to do top mounting for the aesthetics but will it hurt my CPU temps?I've read answers on other forums and it seems that people say front mounting is better. My current case is the MasterBox Pro 5 and I front mount my 240mm radiator.
  8. ArcticEngineer

    Raidmax Sigma white or Matrexx 55 WH

    Do you have it personally? If so, I’m concerned about it’s airflow as the gap looks small.
  9. I just need a suggestion as I’m moving cases soon and I’m stuck on either of those 2. The matrexx 55 WH is around 65$ and the Sigma is 80$ (USD). I think these cases are both great but I really need an opinion on which one to get
  10. ArcticEngineer

    Need Suggestion for A Budget GPU

    Hey guys! My friend wants to play some battlefront at 1080p but his computer currently rocks integrated graphics. He’s looking for a budget GPU to add to his system. I believe it has an intel I3 4170 at 3.7 GHz. He doesn’t need anything fancy, just a budget GPU to give him something playable. I attached a photo of his system
  11. ArcticEngineer

    Having Problems With My Corsair Void Pro

    I tried both ways, YT sound is still working, its just that games will not
  12. ArcticEngineer

    Having Problems With My Corsair Void Pro

    Yes I did that, but still no audio on games
  13. ArcticEngineer

    Having Problems With My Corsair Void Pro

    How do you do that?
  14. ArcticEngineer

    Having Problems With My Corsair Void Pro

    My Logitech Speakers, Integrated Speakers
  15. ArcticEngineer

    900€ Build opinions

    Or you could just buy Ryzen 2000 chips cheap once Ryzen 3000 comes out. Otherwise, looks good!