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    i5 4670K
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    Asus Z87-C
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    Crucial Ballistix Tactical Memory 8GB
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    ASUS Strix 970 4GB
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    Corsair 330R
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    500GB Crucial SSD - 1TB Seagate
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    Corsair CX750
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    AOC 21.5 LED x2
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    Arctic F12 PWM (x2) Corsair 120+140mm
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    Corsair K70 MX Red
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    Roccat Kova+
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    Thermaltake TTe Shock Headset
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    Windows 8.1 - Server 2012
  1. Sorry to clarify mine was encoding as in converting to a new format, does it happen if you use the Windows 10 media player to watch videos?
  2. Can you post a picture of the BIOS boot settings with the new CPU in the system? Also I know you stated a sata drive but to be sure you dont use NVME for your boot driver do you?
  3. Really to troubleshoot this you want default BIOS values for voltage, clock speed and RAM (with the exception of if you have RAM that uses XMP and doesnt run at the right values with default BIOS settings). I cant tell you how many weird and random BSOD issues ive had with what has been a stable OC on intel and AMD systems on one program or game when all other games work fine. It may well be software but as you have done a clean install It is a less likely reason. I would start by making a backup of your BIOS settings and setting them back to factory. Adjust anything you need to look boot drive order and fan settings but try and keep it as stock as possible and dont touch any voltages as they should work out the box. If you still get crashing then it is either hardware fault or software causing it (but normally that error is CPU clockspeed/voltage related).
  4. Your GPU usage is very low which would indicate it is not being able to work to its full capability and waiting for something which in turn is creating the stuttering effect you are seeing. When you say you installed the CPU drivers is that the latest Chipset and ME drivers? Double check that your GPU is not being restricted by a power profile or some kind of frame limit. Make sure your RAM is running at its correct speed in the BIOS too as I have seen this happen with RAM speed before. I would go into the Nvidea control panel and make sure for high performance is selected for Monster Hunter as a test.
  5. Make sure the PC case is grounded though as touching the case will only transfer it to the case, which is useless if it then cant go anywhere else.
  6. Do you find this happens when the system is under load at all? I have had something similar where my CPU clock speed was slightly too high in the BIOS and when encoding video it would not crash but instead the screen would go black and my keyboard/mouse would stop working. Could also be to do with the Ryzen balanced power settings but I doubt it as it should not require a reboot to get them to work again if that was the case. Try and find a way in which you can reliably re-prduce the issue as knowing what causes it will allow you to potentially work out why it happens.
  7. I cant say for the Vega but I use the Blade 2017 with the 1060 and it runs any title I have thrown its way really well, recently tried BF1 at 1080p no issues at all on auto settings, ran Rocket League at 4K (external monitor) recently which had no trouble keeping well above 60FPS although its not a taxing game so not surprising.
  8. Im pretty sure its how the game loads the world into the RAM, i built a second PC a while ago with spare parts so I knew how it would perform as id used these parts before but I only used 4GB of ram, it kept spiking when going between areas of the map. I added another 4GB and it now sits over 60FPS fine.
  9. I have one in a spare machine with a GTX 660, I have to OC it by just under 1GHz to get it to run stable in games without random stuttering etc.
  10. Yes me and it was the worst purchase PC wise from my last three builds....
  11. To OC your Motherboard must support it and going to anything that doesnt start with 3 is a different socket type so requires the same socket on the motherboard also.
  12. The main issue and reason this could not work well and be of actual benefit is it would not help LinusTechTips.... It would not bring in more USEFUL traffic, if you look at GiffGaff who do this, they save money by payng the community to essentially be their tech support but this forum is not designed to do that!
  13. *EDIT didnt work* Try that I managed to download from the Windows insider program though fine, although it is very slow.
  14. xxnextenxx


    Plug in the drive, enter the bios or boot menu and make sure to select the correct current SSD as boot and then once windows loads wipe the old drive or do what you will with it, that way you dont have to try and use an enclosure or plug it in with the rig running (as I have done a few times....).
  15. I was never able to run FTB packs when I was running an OC'ed FX-6300, it just is not a great CPU for modpacks that are not well optimized to be honest. I still even have issues if I run a very heavy mod pack on my current CPU and GTX 970, but it has to be quite intensive. EDIT (Just noticed my sig is out of date for the GPU and storage, FYI I use an EVGA 970 and an SSD for reference adn can still get lag).