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  1. JamesElopre

    Ram Problem

    why when i turn on my pc the trident z ram rgb is not on like i need to go in app everytime to turn it on why its not auto matic?
  2. JamesElopre

    Best Mouse?

  3. JamesElopre

    Best Mouse?

  4. JamesElopre

    Best Mouse?

    Guys I'm Looking for Csgo Mouse What should I Buy? ZOWIE EC2-B SteelSeries Rival 300 Logitech G Pro And For Gaming Headset? HyperX Cloud II or SteelSeries Arctic 5
  5. JamesElopre


    thank you
  6. JamesElopre


    Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB vs Audio-Technica AT2020USBPLUS What is the difference
  7. JamesElopre


  8. JamesElopre


    https://www.amazon.ca/Neewer-Professional-Broadcasting-Microphone-Adjustable/dp/B00XOXRTX6/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1539964828&sr=8-3&keywords=neewer+nw-700 Neewer NW-700 Professional Studio Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone & NW-35 Adjustable Recording Microphone Suspension Scissor Arm Stand with Shock Mount and Mounting Clamp Kit Do I need Phantom Power? Or I can just put that in motherboard? Pls Help
  9. Pls Help me so my computer fans (LL120 Corsair 3x) I cannot customize them in corsair link . Btw i put each one of them in fan headers Idont know what im gonna do now cuz i search ll120 3x installation and nobody make one so idont know please help me
  10. What is the difference of Oc mode, Gaming mode , and silent mode
  11. JamesElopre

    Hello everyone can u explain to me whats the difference?

    so what is the best What is the best
  12. JamesElopre

    Hello everyone can u explain to me whats the difference?

    So what is the best?
  13. Hello everyone can u explain to me whats the difference? asus rog strix xg258q vs pg258q