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  • Birthday 2001-11-05

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  • CPU
    AMD Athlon II X4 620
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    7gb Ddr2 (2+2+2+1)
  • GPU
    Power Color R7 250
  • Case
    A Fancy Black RGB Case
  • Storage
    1TB HDD Toshiba 7200rpm, 120gb Adata SSD
  • PSU
    CoolerMaster RS-460
  • Display(s)
    LG FlatroN L1918S
  • Cooling
    AIO water cooler from CoolerMaster
  • Keyboard
    Fury RGB Gaming Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Fury Thunderstreak RGB Gaming Mouse
  • Sound
    Fury Gaming Headset
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. BojanM

    What Antivirus ?

    Okay i installed Malwarebytes for now Thanks Guys i appreciate it
  2. BojanM

    What Antivirus ?

    and one more thing is it important to install it to C drive or is anything okay ?
  3. BojanM

    What Antivirus ?

    So am i good with a free trial of Malwarebytes for now or should i buy the licence ?
  4. BojanM

    What Antivirus ?

    Okay thanks
  5. BojanM

    What Antivirus ?

    do i need 2 of them at the same time ?
  6. BojanM

    What Antivirus ?

    Lucky you hahah hook me up lol
  7. BojanM

    What Antivirus ?

    well really i want a antivirus that wont kill my pc and it has free trial to test it. And can i just keep it on Windows Defender really ??
  8. i need a new antivirus because i had Avast before but i think it was slowing down my pc idk. So feel free to recomend something on this list or something different. Thanks.
  9. BojanM

    HDD 100% Usage

    I frogot to say when i boot up from a HDD it takes like 30 sec and sometimes when i open something while that 100% is still there the program i am using freezes but i can still use pc and open other stuff
  10. BojanM

    HDD 100% Usage

    -Hi I have been Having this problem whit my hdd. I store some private pictures and trip videos on it and i have Win 10 on it. Recently i discovered that whenever i boot up PC and go to Task Manager Hdd is constantly at 100% but it reads like 1-10mb/s. And i dont think its normal because its there until i boot up that needs Writes and Reads and use it for a while. One More thing,found out yesterday that my Hdd Smart has: 8 Curent Pending Sector (Caution) 1 Reallocated Sector Count (Caution). But when i ran CHDSK with a restart it showed nothing. I also took some screen shots from Task Manager and Argus Monitor. I would apreciate any help and should i replace my hdd or is this nothing of concern. Thanks.
  11. BojanM

    Really big problem

    and btw i can log in steam and others fine and download games but when i try to play anything that needs to connect to any servers it just doesnt work. P.S. i dont have any Vac Bans or bans in general
  12. BojanM

    Really big problem

    I was thinking its some sort of virus,malware,spyware etc. but i have no idea
  13. BojanM

    Really big problem

    Well it only happens when i play anything online related. Youtube and web browsing is 100% fine
  14. BojanM

    Really big problem

    Alright Its been like 2 weeks now i dont know what to do or who to ask so i came here. Recently i started getting errors for Steam,Epic Games and Blizzard the same problem. I keep getting Internet connection problems.Sometimes it says before launching that there was Connection Problem because it could not connect to Steam servers. For steam Csgo in general i ocasionaly get Vac could not verify your sesion and it goes away after restart but now i cant join any Online match Casual,Comp, nothing... For Epic and Blizzard Fortnite and Owerwatch cant even start the game it just says Could not connect Invalid Internet Connection. I have talked to my ISP and they said there is no problems on their end and no blocked Packages and Content involved. If anyone knows whats happening i would really appreciate any help because i am considdering getting rid of Motherboard and Hard drive completly and replacing it. I dont want to do that but if thats the only option and nobody knows whats happening fuck it
  15. BojanM

    Max Usable Ram

    btw. Thanks for all of this