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  1. I'd consider it low end. Heck, even my "new" build (to me), the one in my signature is considered low end to maybe low mid range in my own opinion.
  2. You're welcome. Apologies if I sounded rude, that wasn't intended. A good analogy about GPT and MBR btw that I like to explain, is like this: GPT and MBR are like methods of how you organize streets in a city. File systems though like FAT, NTFS, exFAT, etc, are like how you lay out the streets themselves (aka data). Best thing of all, you can put anything on any disk. Heck I even once turned an EEPROM into a disk for a project, and gave it MBR with FAT12. Skies the limit. You just have to either convert or reformat as such.
  3. You must have completely ignored my link, or didn't read it. You do NOT need to reformat or reinstall Windows to convert to GPT and convert Windows to UEFI mode. Read the link I posted. I even told you it works because the machine I am on had this conversion done. This Windows install was originally installed as MBR and legacy. I literally followed what was in the URL I shared with you, and as you can see, it's now UEFI and GPT. I did not reinstall or reformat anything.
  4. If it's booting in legacy it sounds like the HD is partitioned as MBR. You can convert an installation to GPT and thus UEFI fairly easily on Windows 10. If you wanted to boot off 10TB it must be GPT (MBR doesn't support more than 2TB iirc). You can't legacy boot off GPT. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-convert-mbr-disk-gpt-move-bios-uefi-windows-10 This is what I followed for my machine when I took my SSD from a legacy only machine to my new machine which has EFI (well, Hybrid EFI, it's not new new, but it worked).
  5. The IBM Model F is now a part of my battle station. Feels so much better than a Model M.
  6. You know, I was going to joke and say I should try it on my Pentium II Asus board. So I actually tried it just for the heck of it. It didn't crash XP (the OS installed on that machine), but I had to do a cold reboot, and I'm guessing it was simply because the PCI PNP table is only enumerated at cold boot so Windows simply never saw it. But no crash. Neat. Then I tried a Micronics board, (same Pentium II era, but this board had a Celeron installed, 440BX chipset). Same thing, no crash, but this one didn't work after cold reboot. Had to power off completely then turn back on. This was conventional PCI. So logically I tried ISA cards. Now THAT made it freak out on both boards. Hard lock on the Asus, BSOD on the Micronics.
  7. Be happy with what I have? Because I have a 4GB 1050 Ti still and if you think your 1060 is crappy I'll take it off your hands. Because my 1050 Ti has been playing the new Doom at 90fps which is plenty for me with 75Hz monitors.
  8. That's honestly how I used to live for a while when I was living with my ex room mate. I had no room for a lot of my belongings in her house so it started piling on her ex boyfriends desk which I ended up with back then. Btw can you pass some pringles? Please? And oh oh! I finally scored an IBM Model F keyboard from 1981! It'll be arriving hopefully this weekend and I can't wait to hook up a Soarers USB cable for it and plug it into my main desktop. Will just need to figure out how I'm going to use F11 and F12.
  9. Well with that attitude if you're going to be rude, tata.
  10. Only limitation I can see with Micro ATX vs full size ATX (my board is micro ATX), is that some a few micro's have 4+1 VRM's which limit overclocking potential.
  11. Just to confirm, this is the battery you replaced, right?
  12. It's a pretty good mod on a DMG now. Simulates multiple backlites since it's an IPS color LCD, but I just use it in the false color mode (which attempts at emulating GB games on a GBC). Here's the modded DMG.
  13. Haha yes, those PNY's come in handy. Wish they were USB 3.0 though. And yes, that Nokia is still my daily driver (personal preference I don't use smart phone's), but that is actually regular Game Boy games (black and white). I play those in my Game Boy that I modded with an IPS LCD.
  14. I honestly don't know what to do with the little 5" security camera monitor. I really need a USB NTSC tuner adapter so I could just run it in a window rather than a 5" BW monitor.
  15. Got folding at home open? It did that for me whenever the client was open.
  16. I worked for Bright House Networks a few years ago before Charter took over. Even with THOSE contractors, this would never have happened. I'd know, I've been out to quite a few of them.
  17. This must be trolling. Because that rats nest would never be installed by anyone. If it did, it makes my CCNA hurt. But seriously, I feel trolled.
  18. Thanks, I went through a lot recently including losing my grandmother, and being so unbelievably stressed out with online social media nonsense, etc. So I decided to just order some parts to fix and mod my Gameboy, so I could play on it, and get off the computer entirely. And I'm choosing games I can simply turn off at any time, those that "can't be paused", etc.
  19. I got a new color IPS screen for my original black and white DMG Gameboy. I also got it a clear red shell with new glass screen. Been having some depression and this gave me something constructive to do, and install a new screen in my Gameboy since I'd like to play some of my games again.
  20. Yea, gotta go with what he said, time to heard out employee's whom are abusing the system. I personally won't work for any company that requires my finger print for a time card. It's not hygienic, especially with COVID going around, and I sincerely don't trust them nor would I trust my employer not to abuse the data.
  21. That seems like an odd thing to do, knowing how Android development works. Especially when there are very powerful 32-bit phones like the Galaxy Notes (the older ones at least) that have 3GB RAM, which is certainly enough for the game if the code remains optimized. But even then, it makes no sense to me. Then again, the only smart phone I ever owned was an Asus Zenfone which wasn't even an ARM CPU (x86), and that didn't last before going back to a dumb phone.
  22. I really wouldn't bothering powering it up without a GPU, your results in how it reacts during POST will vary. Just be patient.
  23. Yea that will actually be way more reasonable for my budget. I found it on Newegg and will bookmark it.
  24. No, of course not. You cannot boot a machine without ANY form of video output, unless it was designed for serial terminal booting. Which I doubt is the case here as that's enterprise level stuff.
  25. You *used* to be able to make "unattended installs" using a Floppy with all the settings for the installation, and I do remember server motherboards either having a BIOS which would work without a monitor attached (or you had a supplied VGA terminator which simply tricked the GPU into thinking a monitor was attached). BUT, from what I've seen, even back then, it absolutely needed a VGA card installed for setup to even properly launch due to it needing to be able to set the video modes (even if you never looked at it).