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    AMD FX-8320 @ 4GHz, 4.3GHz Turbo
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    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 R2
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    32GB Kingston HyperX Fury
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX-1050 Ti 4GB
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    480GB SSD, 2TB HD
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    750 Watt
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    2x 22" Acer B226WL @ 75Hz
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    Noctua U9S
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    M122 "Battle Cruiser"
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    Lenovo Legion M500 1000Hz
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    Windows 10 64-bit

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  1. I'm not entirely sure where you got this information from, but MSI says in their requirements that it is compatible with "ANY" graphics card. Nowhere on the site does it claim it's just for Nvidia GPU's. I'm not one to knock anyone for not knowing something, but this was downright false and simply not true. Maybe 10 years ago it wasn't, but it's been compatible with AMD GPU's for quite a long time now..
  2. I'm not seeing a way to use XMP on those Aspire's. I don't believe it has BIOS support for it.
  3. You go to school to learn, not play on computers. The computers are tools. They do what they need to. You keep claiming "my parents paid to get me educated" and YES, they did. For a teacher to teach you, not play on a computer. Want to play on a computer? Get a good one for your personal use. But a tool is a tool and if it works it still works. You also complained in this thread about them hurting your eyes. I'm sorry but wow. lol. Seriously now.
  4. I generally don't, lol, but some people seem to associate all FX's with Bulldozer. Piledriver was a lot better than Bulldozer, but I guess those who haven't used a Piledriver don't know that.
  5. I guess this is the first DDR system I've had that behaves this way. Then again my last system was FB-ECC DDR2, so perhaps it was just different with that. (8 sticks of 4GB each). Good to know this is pretty much the reason though, at least it works for me. I needed more RAM for video editing, the 200MHz DRAM drop isn't likely going to be noticeable at all.
  6. I'm noticing an oddity with my freebie 8320 (in the sig). It's Kingston hyperX fury, CL10 8GB modules. I originally only had 2, now I have 4. The memory claims to be 1866MHz, and sure enough each stick works as such, including 2 at a time. But when I install 4, I can't post at 1866MHz and have to downclock to 1600MHz. I remember reading that the FX series can't actually push 1866 when 4 sticks are populated? I guess this is true based on my findings, that it cannot work at the advertised 1866MHz speed when all 4 sticks are populated. The BIOS wants to actually clock them at 1333MHz when 4 are installed (and 1600MHz when 2 are installed). Before anyone chastises me for using an FX, please understand the CPU was free, and I can't complain about free. I cannot afford a "new" machine, so I always get second hand. Besides, it's faster than my last computer which was a Core 2 based machine. I have no complaints, because it still plays the games I want to play, despite not being much of a gamer anymore.
  7. CompTIA already tried to ruin "right to repair". In my opinion they are not worth the certs anyway. I got my CompTIA exams, and you know what? They were useless, it wasn't those certs that got me a job, it was my experience with the tech instead.
  8. Yea um, this is kind of a "knucklehead" issue on LMG's part, not Eaton. lol. I kind of need to face palm here, especially when they didn't even have proper ventilation on top of the issue which caused the fire. They really should have a larger server room anyway. I get it that space matters, but so does that equipment. I see on multiple videos complaints about how there's not enough room to do something in there, so clearly a bigger room is required anyway.
  9. I'm just going to be honest, reading OP's posts has me more worried for his health if this is what he's going nuts over. Anyone who is stressed that bad to the point they are nearly fuming at the mouth over a game console and can't wait to call support, is not going to be leading a good life for their heart. Take it from someone who has heart failure, and HAS DIED in 2017 (obviously revived). You simply can't sweat the little stuff and should instead just relax, breath slowly, and be patient. I mean what would Uncle Iroh do?
  10. Haven't found much on this. Windows 10 claims my DDR3 memory is "Unknown". Memtest's are perfectly fine, no error's. Computer is also running just fine and rock solid stable. RAM is Kingston HyperX Fury. Obviously nothing and only cosmetic, but I wonder where Window's task manager pulls that data from? AIDA64, CPU-Z, all properly recognize it as DDR3. (I've tried both Legacy and UEFI boot, doesn't help btw).
  11. "Flashing back to an older BIOS version will not be supported." I'm sorry but what stops someone from simply using an EEPROM programmer and just flashing the EEPROM themselves to downgrade if they wanted to?
  12. Is that NOT what they posted? (The temps).
  13. Couldn't tell you what "Temperature #6" is.
  14. It's a Unicomp model M122. It's a modern Model M made from the mold of an IBM 5250 keyboard. The keycaps it came with. Mine was semi custom ordered, and then I moved the keys around further in the style of the IBM 5150 PC and then ran a registry tweak to change the mapping. (The only key that got placed in an odd place is backslash, but I actually almost never use it so I didn't care too much).
  15. Fair enough. But at least it didn't have deadzones. This design will have clear deadzones between keys and there's nothing you can do for that other than "guess" where your finger is traveling. It's going to be dirty.