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  1. It's quite nice, considering it's a windows laptop. If the application "Defraggler" is used for defragging hard drives, delete it. Windows has this function built in.
  2. It's alright, but cmon, windows 7?? Pretty nice, the right monitor must be great for IRC chats. Come on at least customize it a bit. put linux on it instead
  3. I noticed LTT forums didnt have a Share your desktop thread, so I've decided to make one. (Sorry if this isn't the right section but this seems like the best place.) I'll start off: Share yours!
  4. I'd recommend replacing the fan and thermal paste for it, but other than that it should be good. Although, if you can find a cheaper one / better one for the same price, go for that. Try and make sure the warranty is still valid, though. Or that you're buying from a reputable source like newegg that offers refunds.
  5. I use Linux for freedom and privacy. It's also SO much faster than windows, especially using i3-gaps. I currently use Solus and I love it. I use abound 200MB of ram when I login. Windows is bloat and spyware.
  6. It might've been because you weren't using pulseaudio or alsa. I saw you said you were using manjaro now and I'm pretty sure that has pulseaudio built in. Alsa sounds better though, try that out.