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  1. Hello everyone. As the title says I am wondering if you can create a raid 0 with windows 7 premium. There isn't any particular reason for creating a raid 0 this is just simply for learning purposes. I've looked at how it is done on Youtube and it seems straight forward. Although for some odd reason when I try to click create stripped volume it is completely greyed out. So when I try clicking on it nothing happens, which leads to wonder if windows 7 premium has software support for raid 0. Also I do have two hard drives installed on the computer one being unallocated and the other one being my primary partition.
  2. I just built a new system, and I want to buy a monitor to go with it. I am looking to buy a monitor that can go up to 240hz, but I don't want to spend money on something that my computer wouldn't be able to handle. My computer specs are CPU: Intel I7 8086k GPU: Nvidia geforce GTX 1080. RAM: 32 gigabytes. I would like to play my games (Dota, SFV, CS, Witch Hunter III) with high settings. With the system I have would I be able to play my games at the settings I want at 240hz? P.S. I am planning on upgrading my system to have two Nvidia geforce GTX 1080 running SLI. Would this set up be better for 240hz if my current system can't handle 240hz running my games at high settings? One last thing if 240hz is to much for my system what monitor would you guys recommend?