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  1. Some background first. I just bought this Palit GTX 1660 Ti last week on Friday. I then had it inserted to my brother's PC that I built for him. Played some Rainbow Six Siege here and there and maxing out the settings. I pretty much leave the PC on and idling standby when I am off to work till I return. Barely made an hour of gaming honestly, but my brother would occasionally play and browse the internet. No form of OC done at all. So the problem. Just today (Thu), I was just starting out The Division 2 as I bought it last night. I was just setting up my character then maxing all the settings, then I went off playing around. Initially it started to have some stutters as I sprint and pan my screen around then it decided to hang with visual artifacts. I then force restarted the PC and was greeted with these visual artifacts. Passing the lockscreen, the GPU drivers seemed to fail to boot at all. I then removed the GPU and plug back the output to my mobo and it came out completely fine. This is pretty much the GPU dying right? Luckly, it has a 2 week return policy. In a way, good thing it failed within those 2 weeks to easily get a replacement. Tho, I feel I will have to argue or so to get that replacement. Another reason why I am sharing this to have some advice with possibly having to fight it on with the staff. Rn, I had the GPU placed away. Idk if i wanna try inserting it back again to see if its still present and risk anything popping. As for where I am from, Metro Manila, Philippines. The card bought from PCHUB. Been a long while I've been active here, so hi again I guess? Build: CPU: i3 8100 Mobo: Asus H310M-E R2.0 RAM: 1xHyperX Fury DDR4 8GB (Black) GPU: Palit GTX 1660 Ti StormX 6GB Edit: PSU: Corsair SF450 (First image with artifacts is with GPU, Second other image with the iGPU)
  2. Hate to say this, but have you tried restarting your PC?
  3. Edit: Never mind. I thought when it said "Uplay account has been renamed" I thought it refers to my username being changed. Just a misunderstanding. I got quite worked up about it when I got this message; thinking I was hacked. A friend, whom I shared this to as well, pointed out the misunderstanding. From: news@news.ubisoft.com Subject Title: Uplay Account becomes Ubisoft account I am not sure why and how I got this message, but now I'm paranoid. Not sure if I was hacked or this just a mistake to inform people about the free giveaway of Blood Dragon or something about Uplay accounts turning into Ubisoft accounts. Also, I already added up some security into my account, such as having the "2-Step Verification" enabled, since my Origin account got hacked sometime ago, which I was able to successfully recover without Origin Support. As for looking into my account's details, nothing seems to be altered.
  4. Came to thought, why not try running all of them simultaneously?
  5. Update: Finally fixed my issue! What I done is that I rooted my phone and then installed "Memory Manager" by JRummy. After that, I ran it and set the preset to "Ultimate". With that, my phone has finally stopped auto killing apps in the background! So I can now switch between several apps with ease.
  6. 64bit is now a days needed by a lot of demanding games. So if you choose 32bit, you won't be able to play 64bit games. So you miss out
  7. "flashing different region software"? I'm not sure what is that about. Also, I am also not user how to do the " 3d party kernel" part. I'm still somewhat new to the SmartPhone World and why I'm asking for help.
  8. I noticed this thing with my phone, being the LG G4 Stylus(H540), which has 1GB of RAM and being Lolipop 5.0.2, were it automatically kills apps on the background when I reach or exceed 500MB RAM usage. So switching and returning to an app has it reload, which usually loses progress done in the app, such as a long write up. I have already disabled apps that I don't use, but it would still reach 500MB usage, especially when I use a web browser. Is there any fix to this? I have done my search long and hard try to find a fix, which I haven't found anything concrete or helpful. This issue has been annoying me months now, and I finally had it with it and want it now fixed.
  9. NetLimiter has proven very useful to me, but sadly it has a limited free trial and will expire for me in 7 days. Are there other good ones like it and free without the free trial nonsense?
  10. I am unable to find the options to adjust Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, etc, with latest AMD driver, being v16.5.3. This really bothers me enough that I am willing to downgrade to a lower and older driver. It seems that the new drivers of AMD gives you few control. This really sucks for me, since I use my computer late at night, and having to quickly adjust my brightness and contrast quickly without spending a minute adjusting through my monitor's settings, is much better. Also, I want to be able increase my saturation of my screen by 20%, and this setting sadly doesn't exist in my monitor. I'm not sure if these settings even still exist in the latest drivers, so I'm asking here, before I do a downgrade to the older drivers, the old driver being v16.4.1. Also, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. Well, this is a problem after all, so I guess it sort of fits.
  11. Maybe the game is set at a res or hertz that your screen can't display?
  12. An update, I got her a simple pair of earrings that has a diamond on it, and she likes it and says that it's "useful".
  13. Of course I knew you where joking Not the ''really close'' kind, just a cousin