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    Computers, duh
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    I’m 14 xD
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    Ryzen 7 2700
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    Asus X470 prime
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    16 Gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200
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    Thermaltake core p3 snow
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    Corsair Rm 850x white
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    Msi 1440p 144hz 1ms
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    Deepcool captain 360 ex white l
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    Logitech g413
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    Glorious model o / G502
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    Corsair hs70 / blue yeti
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    Widows 10

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  1. Hello, This might sound pretty dumb, but I can't open my folders with Atom, as intellij is taking the space and I can't find the open with feature when I do it. How can I make Atom the deafult?
  2. Hi, a few days ago sweetwater said that the motu would be available on tuesday or wednesday. Now that I can afford it, it isn't telling me when, I checked all retailers they provided and none of them say when. Does anyone know how often they usually take to restock them? Should I backorder and expect it to come within a week? update: i called sweetwater and they say early september, so ew
  3. So the one you recommended seems to be out of stock everywhere. is this one good? https://www.amazon.com/Interfaz-Mackie-Onyx-Artist-Interface/dp/B07664LMPQ/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=audio+interface&qid=1597201175&refinements=p_36%3A8000-12800&rnid=386685011&s=musical-instruments&sr=1-9 or should i go with the focusrite scarlet solo?
  4. actually, now that I see your motherboard; i have had problems with that board in the past, same exact issue. I don't remember what fixed it, it was more of a try it the next day kind of thing after a month. I do know that putting a different set of ram helped though, too. However, u say u already tried it, so I think youll have to test out those last 2 parts. I think it is a mobo problem
  5. Hello, So im looking to get the Alesis MultiMix 4 USB FX as an audio interface and mixer. First of all, will it be good enough for my dt 770 80 ohm and shure sm57? If not, please recommend something else if possible. The problem, I heard that the "ext/usb main" button must be on to get sound on the headphones. I don't know if it's just a common issue, or a design flaw. Although I'll definitely use the button when recording, It's definitely not something I want my boys to hear while I'm on csgo. Thanks!
  6. I'd definitely wait so that I can refrain from upgrading for as long as possible. Also, you never know what future technologies can hold.
  7. definitely a software issue. Try other games and check if it's being utilized better. If yes, you're fine.
  8. No need to disable the apu, simply put the gpu in and download geforce experience. I say get the app because it shows that it is a priority. Sometimes, they will work but keep the apu as the main chip if that makes sense. In that case, you can go to the nvidia control panel and select ur gpu. 95% of the time you'll be fine just getting the driver and it'll work.
  9. try shorting it, a lot of the time it's just a matter of not putting the front panel connectors in the right place.
  10. ok, then you might want to step into a new price range, especially since you only have 240mm. all the quieter fans come with the price premium unfortunately. I have deepcool fans that are pretty quiet. Bequiet, noctua, and corsair should be your target brands in this case. Noctua fans are probably the best, but they're also the ugliest. Also, this fan is good for budgets and being quiet. https://www.amazon.com/ARCTIC-F12-Standard-Configuration-possible/dp/B00H3T1KBE/?tag=edit-tech-round-up-20&ascsubtag=c38583e5-7e07-4931-921f-86c5f617433b&th=1
  11. I've heard amazing things from these https://www.amazon.com/Pccooler-120mm-Moonlight-PC-3M120-Computer/dp/B07J5RSF37/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=pc+fan&qid=1597179322&sr=8-8 but thats a 360 kit, not sure if they offer a 240 or not
  12. I dont know specifics but look on amazon they have good cheap options such as deepcool and thermaltake options
  13. So i got this reaper sofware, but how do i put it as a main output?