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    Hollywood, CA
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    Videography. Photography. Gaming.
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    Videographer and Photographer.


  • CPU
    Ryzen 7 3700X
  • Motherboard
    ROG STRIX X-470F Gaming
  • RAM
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    EVGA 2070
  • Case
    Fractal Design R6
  • Storage
    2 SSD's, 3 HD's
  • PSU
    750 w EVGA
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    Dual 144hz Dell G-Sync Monitors
  • Cooling
    h115i Pro RGB
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    Logitech G Pro
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    Logitech G602
  • Sound
    Sony 1000XM2
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  1. Whats a good way to test out if it works if I don't have the equipment? Can I contact a computer repair shop or something?
  2. So my guess is then the board and the cpus work but whoever put it together thought it didn't so they got new hardware. So then are they worth shipping to me in California?
  3. One of my coworkers was going through storage and found a motherboard in a cardboard box. I believe it's a ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS. The weird part is there are two I7 3970X's attached to it as the cpus but I don't believe they work with that board unless I have the board wrong? It looks exactly the same. So, what do I do? I live in Los Angeles and flying out tomorrow but the hardware is at my families home in Kansas. Is it worth shipping it to California for me to try selling there? Are the i7's automatically destroyed when they connected it to the board? If all three work the cpus are worth about $100 each and the board at least $200 but I have no idea if they do or not? See image of it here... https://imgur.com/a/JlTbouQ
  4. yeah, it's not in warranty. I've had it since 2016 I think. but yeah, that sucks I'll try the factory reset again and see if that helps. It's a long weekend, but I guess I'll just wait for the ps5 to come out next year instead of buying another ps4 pro.
  5. Any idea why it doesn't do this on overwatch, fortnite or rocket league?
  6. It does this on various games, but I just bought the new Call of Duty and it's unplayable I had this same issue with Rainbow Six: Siege but I have no issues in Overwatch, Rocket League or other games. Just don't know what's going on. I'll add that after the issue with siege last year I took the ps4 pro apart and made sure it was clean and it really was pretty dust free on the inside. This is the first version of the pro and I've had it since it was released. Video example of what's happening and it's noticeable about 5 seconds into it. It's much much worse in Siege and the rainbow glitch effect cover 99 percent of the screen. I've tried a factory reset, switching hdmi ports, different tv's, turning off and on hdr and even on rainbow six using the digital download version and none of that fixed the issue. Is it a gpu issue or? What's weird is the issue has persisted for a long time but only effects certain games (so far just this one and siege unless I forgot about one) And if you think that is playable, well, here is siege - https://streamable.com/bp078
  7. any sort of clue what it may be worth? I literally have no clue if it works or not been sitting in a motherboard box not in a static sleeve for probably 4 years...
  8. I found this in a box of random computer gear my boss gave me. I assume it works and was just stopped being used when they updated to a new board/cpu. I haven't ever tried it though. It it does work, what do you think it's worth? It's at my parent's home in Kansas right now and don't know if it's worth shipping here to California. I have no clue what the board is, but both CPU's are an i7-3970X or at least that's what they look like in the photos. ignore the box The board might be the ASUS dual socket Z9PE-D8 WS motherboard but I've never plugged it in and don't know if it works or not. According to ebay sales it might be worth upwards of $500 but that could be totally false haha. Don't really know what' I'm looking at here.
  9. nvm: facebook called my parents and found it in a box there. I'll have to have them ship it to me if I sell it. Good to know. I'll try that and see if I get any traction. Thanks.
  10. Should I try selling it as a bundle or is it just so outdated it would be difficult?
  11. Don't really know where to post this and sorry if it's not okay to post. I know there is a classified section but I don't have a hundred posts yet and will probably just sell on Facebook or Reddit. I just have no clue in any way what they're worth.... I just upgraded to a 3700x which required a new board, cpu and ram so I'm trying to sell a: Asus Rampage IV Black (motherboard) i7-4960X Extreme Edition 8x 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1866MHz DDR3 (4 low profile) sticks (64gb total) I'd prefer to sell them as a combo so I don't have to worry about multiple shipping items but also get if that's not a good chance of selling. None was used for mining - just video editing and some gaming. What are your thoughts on the value of it?
  12. That's interesting. I ended up going with the cooler on front with the air blowing through it into the case and then fans 1-3 blowing air out of the case and removed fan 4. Operating temperature is about 42 degrees c running at 4.2 GHz and 7 percent usage. I honestly can't hear the computer at all cause I keep a fan always running in my room.
  13. Yeah, the radiator or the fans were pushed against the vrm heatsink. The case I'm using is the fractal design r6. It fit in there, it just looked kind of like the red line because it was like a millimeter too long for the opening. Not as drastic an angle but you get the point.
  14. I tried putting the AIO on top originally and it didn't fit and had to be angled slightly and was shoved hard against the motherboard which worried me. Should that be fine?
  15. See attached. The front 2 fans on the case are an AIO cooler. Should I remove fan 4?