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  1. Enzo1998

    Afterburner issues with Vega

    Ok guys I tried with Wattman, but after few second that I set custom mode, Radeon Settings stop working. Someone has/Had similar issue?? How can I resolve??
  2. Enzo1998

    Afterburner issues with Vega

    Okay thank you for the advice
  3. Enzo1998

    Afterburner issues with Vega

    Ok now is clear XD
  4. Enzo1998

    Afterburner issues with Vega

    Because I use afterburner as OSD too and I prefer to use afterburn to do overclock too
  5. Enzo1998

    Afterburner issues with Vega

    Hello guys someone knows why fan control of Afterburner don't Work on Vega, I've a Vega 56, I've installed last AMD drivers, windows is 1903 and afterburner is updated to the last release. thanks for the help.
  6. I could say that actually is a balanced PC for 1080p gaming. Currently I've a Ryzen 5 1600 at 3.9 GHz, 16 GB TridentZ 3400 CL 16 17 17 17 30, X370F Strix, Seasonic Focus+ Gold 650W, and a Zotac Amp Extreame GTX 1070 at 2100 MHz on core and 9500 MHz on memory, with a 1080p 144hz monitor
  7. Hello guys I can actually choice between a Vega 56 and a GTX 1080 to do upgrade from my 1070 that actually I've in daily oc at 2100 mhz on core and 9500 mhz on the memory. I love overclock and I really don't know if it could be worth the upgrade and spent around 40€ to make the change. If is it worth wich one is the best choice??
  8. Enzo1998

    GTX 1080 Strix Temperature..

    It's in a standard position, and my case Is a MB500 fronte Coolermaster. My only way ti compare it' my GTX 1070 Zotac Amp Extreme, that reach 66 degrees ocked and 64 stock. The Zotac with the custom fan Curves stay on 50/55 degrees on superposition, while the Asus 1080 go at 62
  9. Enzo1998

    GTX 1080 Strix Temperature..

    Hello guys can you tell me if it is a normal temperature of 67 degrees with stock frequencies on superposition for this gpu?? I just bought it used and it reached 83 degrees but after changing the thermal grease it go down to 67.
  10. Yeah in this case I had a promotion, on everthing I sell I pay Just 1€ of fees
  11. Actually with the selling of my card and the buying of the new card I'll earn something like 40€, it's not a good deal?
  12. Could be a good deal pass from a GTX 1070 AMP Extreme to a 1080 Jetstream for the same price considering that with a 1070 I achieve 21000 points on the graphics on Firestrike and 4053 on Superposition??
  13. Enzo1998

    Stain on the backplate

    okay thanks for the recommendations, I'll try to clean and I'll post the results
  14. Enzo1998

    Stain on the backplate

    On the E