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  1. Hello, so I have a new idea for a project I want to do, I am looking at making a dual opteron 24 core build, which would mainly be used as my new home server, and honestly, just a fun project to see what you can *do* with 24 cores and tons of DDR2 server RAM. My idea here is to have it be near $100 (give or take $50), which I *believe* is possible but I am looking for some advice as to which parts to use, my current part ideas are: CPUs: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-2-AMD-Opteron-6174-12-Core-2-20GHz-CPUs-G34-OS6174WKTCEG0-Magny-Cours/173860181848?epid=1838588195&hash=item287adfd758:g:hf8AAOSwo8NcesHI Motherboard: Unknown, please suggest a relatively affordable one that works with the CPUs, has tons of RAM slots and uses DDR2 RAM (preferably around $30-$40 or less if possible) CPU cooler: Really dont want super loud fans, possibly looking at passive cooling (again, please suggest ones that are fairly affordable) RAM: Likely 64GB DDR2 ECC RAM, since its not that expensive PSU: WIll likely reuse one from an old optiplex I have laying around Storage: Will use a 500GB HDD that I already have Please give me any suggestions or parts that would work, thanks so much! Also if there is a different combo of parts that dosent use the same CPUs I listed, thats fine too as long as its 24 cores. Not exactly sure if there is even any socket G34 boards that support DDR2 but let me know. I was looking at something mainly like this:
  2. Hi, so I have been trying to figure this out for a bit now, im trying to do bitlocker encryption on my NVME drive, which has Windows on it. The only issue is that I want to be able to use a password as sort of a 'backup' method if the USB isint plugged in. In other words, if im at my PC and the USB is plugged in and I rebooted it, it would just use the USB to authorize it. But if I were to take the USB out and reboot my PC, it would then prompt for a password. Is this possible in any way, I haven't found anything online.
  3. Car712

    Bitlocker USB *or* Password possible?

    I figured out how to do it, just enable the 'Allow Bitlocker without a compatible TPM" group policy, then go to encrypt the drive and select PASSWORD (not USB), enter your password, then press the button to *save the file to a USB*. Now, once its encrypted it should simply continue booting up if the USB is plugged in, and if not, request the password.
  4. Car712

    Bitlocker USB *or* Password possible?

    Mhm, I have been able to get password bitlocker working on this PC before (since it dosent have a TPM module), but I cant seem to find any option to use a USB also
  5. Hello, I am looking to upgrade my PC's motherboard as I currently have a A320M-HDV which cant overclock, and I am wondering what is the best possible motherboard I could get in the $60-70 price range (new only) that allows for overclocking?
  6. I will definitely look into getting a B450 board then, thanks for the info
  7. I have a Ryzen 5 2600X, which apparently is overclocking even on my A320M-HDV board as ive seen it go above the base clock a few times even though you technically cant overclock on the A320 boards. (It goes 3.8-3.9 when running cinebench)
  8. So I recently got the S10+ and I saw that Samsung had apparently made a cryptocurrency wallet for S10 devices only, I went looking on the galaxy store for it but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know what to search for it, or did they just remove it?
  9. Alright so I have been having a bit of an issue lately with my GPU, I recently decided to turn off 'Zero RPM' so that the GPU is always cooled (literally makes no sense to *not* have the fans on, since there is really no noise difference and it does bring the idle and small load temps down quite a bit vs Zero RPM). Anyways, I will switch off Zero RPM, it will work fine and have the fans running for as long as the PC stays on, but once the PC goes in sleep mode or reboots, the fan is stuck at 0RPM and the only way to start it again is to Turn on Zero RPM, save, Turn off Zero RPM, save, then it works and the fans turn on. What is the issue here, is Radeon Settings just not saving my config? (Want to note that even when Zero RPM decides to re-enable, the setting shown in Radeon Settings is still set to 'off') Screenshot when Zero RPM is turned off, and working properly:
  10. Car712

    RX 480 fans keep turning off

    I was actually able to fix this simply by switching 'Speed/Temperature' from Automatic to Manual, now the fan stays on and works fine.
  11. Car712

    RX 480 fans keep turning off

    I have checked that before, and the fans do indeed stop spinning when it says 0RPM after a reboot.
  12. Hi, so I am looking for a quite small, thin, cheap, and somewhat powerful laptop for school (web browsing and some other windows software), I have seen a few online that might fit my criteria but I wanted to see if anyone here could help. My budget for this is around $100-$200 (preferably more near $100). It dosent really matter if it has a Celeron CPU as long as its not shit and I would like at least 4GB of RAM. If anyone could help me, that would be great! (Dosent have to be new, however that would be preferred)
  13. I might look into that, but there is some software I use for one of my classes that is only available for Windows and Mac
  14. Car712

    Corsair Vengence Killer?

    I mean, you could just buy a cheap Windows key off ebay to save $100 (which is what I have done for all my builds, never had a problem)
  15. Ok so heres my problem, I have 2 servers, a NAS which is used only for storage, and another linux home server that is basically for anything else such as a Webserver, VPN, Mail forwarder, etc. The problem is I can only port forward port 80 on one of these devices, and at the moment I am forwarding my 'everything else' server, as it serves my 2 websites. However I would also like to be able to access my NAS Web GUI page over the internet as well, currently I have all my domains pointing to my 'everything else' server which is running vesta (for the webserver and mail), it handles seperate websites for each domain. Would it be possible to point another subdomain such as 'storage' to my same IP, and then make a simple HTML page for the subdomain that has a webview that connects to the local NAS and then forwards the content to the HTML page on the storage subdomain, even though the NAS isint available on the internet, so the webview would be for a local IP such as 192.168.x.x I know this sounds a bit confusing, if you have any questions, just ask.
  16. Car712

    I need help

    Thats not a bad PC for its price, it should be able to run about any game on high/max settings. if you do go with the prebuilt I would suggest you upgrade the RAM to 16GB and get like a 1TB HDD for games storage. But, if you can build your own PC, you could make something similar (likely with more RAM and a HDD) for a bit cheaper than the prebuilt.
  17. Car712

    How to setup Veeam?

    So I hear Veeam is good software for backing things up, I simply want to backup my Windows PC and Laptop to my Centos 7 Home Server, what software do I download for the server, and which for the PCs?
  18. Car712

    Extremely odd issue

    So lately I have been having about the oddest issue with my internet, with multiple computers and connections. Downloads from any particular site/application will usually be around 1.4-1.5MBPS+ (since my internet speed is usually 15MBPS), anyways what will happen is the downloads usually start around the normal 'fast' rate, and will have sudden dips lasting anywhere from a few seconds to 10 minutes. Sometimes they will dip down to 500KBPS, and then go back up, sometimes it even goes down to 20KBPS for a minute or more (want to note that other internet functions work fine and fast when the download speed goes down to this). I have the same issue over Ethernet, Wifi, anything. Ive rebooted the router many times, and cant seem to get to the source of the issue. I also want to note that the issue dosent always happen, sometimes downloads will stay around the 1-1.5MBPS range and be fine. But when the dips do happen its extremely annoying as I have no clue as to whats causing it, as nothing is using that much bandwidth for 10-20 seconds when it happens. My prime suspect at the moment is that AT&T is throttling my speeds, as I have downloaded pretty much my entire steam library this past month onto my build. However, from what I have seen I dont have a 'limit', and I usually use nowhere near the 'max' usage on our bill, which if I am remembering correctly is 1TB. My router is a AT&T router/modem combo, my connection is over normal DSL (phone line).
  19. Ok so I bought this old Dell optiplex on ebay to use as a server, only thing is, it only came with 2GB of DDR3 PC3-12800. Now my question is, if I were to take 4GB of DDR3 PC3-8500 from my old build (2x2gb since the optiplex only has 2 slots for RAM), would it better than having 2GB of PC3-12800 ram, although its a lower speed?
  20. Have you checked for anything running in the background that would be using lots of bandwidth? (I would also recommend turning off 'Delivery Optimization' and seeing if that fixes it, its been known to use a ton of bandwidth).
  21. Car712


    I would suggest bringing it to a computer repair store to atleast get the data off the HDD, then you could just use another PC to make a bootable Windows 10 USB and reinstall, might need a new HDD or other repaired parts though.
  22. Hi, so I am looking for a used optiplex (or equivalent system of another brand) on ebay that fits these specs, my budget is around $40 (including shipping) - Includes atleast 2 GB RAM (4GB preferred) , CPU, CPU Cooler, PSU, HDD would be great but not required (Basically not a barebones system, minus a HDD) The goal here is to replace monthly costs of a cloud VPS, and have it locally hosted at my house.
  23. Car712

    MSI gaming app?

    Just a warning to anyone, do not install the gaming app! I first tried the 'cooler boost' feature (high fan speed), it got stuck and I had to reboot my PC to get it off, then the GPU just went crazy, lines everywhere. Shut the PC down, turned back on, worked fine now, immediately uninstalled the MSI Gaming app.
  24. Car712

    MSI gaming app?

    So I recently got a MSI RX 480 8GB 'Gaming X' card, and I am wondering, should I download the MSI gaming app, or is it obsolete at this point (since the only videos, etc on it are from 2016), meaning can I do the same features with afterburner and other tools?