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  1. Why don't huge companies like Samsung or Apple, who make both laptops and smartphones, put nice camera modules in the laptops? Is it too expensive for them? Or just a terrible Idea? I feel face ID or Iris scanners wouldn't be too bad on laptops. Is there a way to mod a smartphone camera piece into a laptop's front-facing camera placement?
  2. "Choosing an Ultrawide (IPS) (3400x1440) (34') (Preferred Curved) Monitor While going through some series of monitors in my price range (which would be no more than $550 USD), I've narrowed it down to: A.) Acer's ED347CKR https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824011196&cm_re=ed7_acer-_-24-011-196-_-Product (ED347CKR bmidphzx) B.) LG's 34UM88C-P https://www.amazon.com/LG-34UM88C-P-34-Inch-21-UltraWide/dp/B01CDYB5CW/ref=pd_cp_147_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01CDYB5CW&pd_rd_r=523ca7f3-b3fb-11e8-9f1d-0fdf2b561195&pd_rd_w=VdAit&pd_rd_wg=io4n5&pf_rd_i=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=ef4dc990-a9ca-4945-ae0b-f8d549198ed6&pf_rd_r=Q3D87WXRB4BT7ARP30MY&pf_rd_s=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_t=40701&psc=1&refRID=Q3D87WXRB4BT7ARP30MY Requirements (If there's something better since I'm inexperienced): 1.) 98+% sRGB Color Gamut 2.) 34' ultrawide 3.) 3440x1440 QHD (2560x1080 us quite popular, but I think it looks blurry) 4.) IPS 5.) 21:9 6.) 60+Hz Priority: IPS > Resolution/Aspect Ratio/34'/Vesa > Hz > Color Gamut > IO > Build Quality Priority: IPS > VA Irelevent: 1.)I have arms, so I don't care about the stand 2.)I have speakers, so built-in ones are useless 3.)Extra IO is useless as long as it functions properly Questions: 1.) I've been looking through the internet and have failed to find an answer. Seeing units like "Dynamic" or "ACM (seen on Acer's spec sheet)" placed right before a monitor's CR (Contrast Ratio). Are CR's comparable between brands like LG, BenQ, AOC, Samsung, or Acer? I see many different units and it gets quite confusing as some spec sheets don't even have a unit before it's CR value. For example, Acer's spec sheet said 100,000,000:1 on the listed model above, while LG was a low 5M:1. This is an unusual gap in specs for competing monitors in the same price range. 2.) When purchasing a high-end monitor (where the contrast and color are expected to be exceptional as compared to a normal IPS panel), should I even worry about different contrasts? Im not doing any color works, just browsing the internet and playing a few games. If so, should I be worried about the contrast on the 2 monitors listed above? 3.) Which monitor above is better value? 4.) Which monitor above is better overall? 5.) Any suggestions that hit the requirements? 6.) Currently, I have 2x monitor mounts (gas support, very nice. Dual+Single), and 3x Acer H236HL BID's attached to stupidly expensive human-centric adapters to hold them up. If you were in my shoes, would you sell 3x H236HL'S + a dual arm monitor mount (gas supported, very nice as well) for (about) 300 bucks and snag one of those clean looking (actual vesa) ultrawides that fit the requirements above? Would you consider it a viable option? NOTE: this is the only forum I've ever made an account on. This forum is quite active, and I feel my chances of being read is pretty ok. Thanks for reading!
  3. Hello, I own an XPS 13 9350/9360 (Unsure, but am sure it has 2x lanes of PCIe via Thunderbolt3 port). My question is, knowing that an eGPU setup is definitely possible as long as an external display is used, is it possible to find an adapter that would connect a TB3 port directly into a GPU (PCIe)? Assuming cooling and power (for the GPU) are provided, would this set-up be possible? eGPU enclosures seem very expensive, and I'm looking for a cheaper solution. I've seen articles about how people use an extender to turn an NVMe Slot into a GPU connection, but wouldn't a direct TB3 alternative be possible? NOTE: I don't need any IO except the display ports on the GPU. (Goal: GPU + Monitor -> 1x TB3 port) NOTE: Im inexperienced and practically new to this whole eGPU gig, but I have a GTX1080 which I feel I could put to use on the go with my XPS 13.