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  1. I just bought a CCTV system, and they included a hard drive (1TB WD AV). I can't open the DVR to see the hard drive, since they put warranty stickers. Is the WD AV the same as WD Purple?
  2. What can you do to a 4GB IDE HDD? (Yes a four gigabyte HDD) I have some old hard drives that I took out from my old computers, since I have sensitive information in there. Now, I was able to clean the hard drives and delete all of my information. Its completely working with no errors or bad sectors too. Would someone even want/use a 4GB HDD now? Are there other uses for it today? Edit: The photo is a 40GB HDD, but I also have another HDD that is 4GB, from my Pentium III PC.
  3. Questions: Why does my HDD use "Trim"? Its not a SSD or a SSHD... Would Trim damage my HDD? Is my HDD already broken that's why its running Trim? My HDD is a Seagate Barracuda Compute 2TB (ST2000DM008-2FR102).
  4. I am going to sell my old desktop PC and I want to make sure all of my data are wiped from that PC. Is CCleaner Drive Wiper good enough to remove sensitive information on a HDD? I used advanced overwrite (3 passes) to erase my HDD, is this enough or do I need more passes? I also have a SSD, since SSD have a limited amount of write cycles, is it a good idea to use CCleaner Drive Wiper, or should I just keep the SSD drive and use it on my other PC?
  5. So if I use "offline disk", then unplug my HDD, I could still risk data loss or damages to my HDD, since there might be programs that are still accessing or using it?
  6. Windows does not let me safely remove my hard drive, so I have to either unplug it from the USB port or restart my PC. I have an external HDD, where I backup my files there, and when I'm done copying my files, I press the "Safely Remove Hardware" button, but Windows says a program is still using it, so I can't disconnect my HDD yet. I also had another HDD that was just newly formatted, and I did not put any files there yet, but I get the same error when trying to use the "Safely Remove Hardware", so... Is the "offline disk" in Diskpart or "diskmgmt.msc" the same as "Safely Remove Hardware"? Its really annoying to keep restarting my PC, since I have to save & close my existing documents. I also don't want to risk losing my data or damaging my hard drive by unplugging it without using "Safely Remove Hardware".
  7. The Windows 10 installed is the 64-bit version. I tried to disable bloatware and other unused software on that system, and it works fine with 2GB RAM.
  8. I have a Sony WH-1000XM3 headphone, which has aptX, and my PC has Intel Wireless-AC 9260. Is there aptX in Windows 10? How can I use / enable aptX in Windows 10?
  9. I had an old desktop PC with Intel Pentium D 3.0GHz & 2GB RAM, and Windows 10 works. It has MS Office 2016, and even plays youtube videos without stuttering (480p).
  10. For the Windows 32-bit BIOS settings, it says it does not support 64-bit. For the Ubuntu settings, it just goes to black screen then the installer would restart. The Windows 10 came from the media creation tool from the Microsoft website. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
  11. How can I install Windows 10 64 bit on an Intel Compute Stick? The CPU supports 64 bit OS, but on its BIOS settings, it only says Windows 10 32-bit or Ubuntu 64-bit. I tried to select Ubuntu 64-bit, then run a Windows 10 64-bit installer, but the Windows 10 installer keeps crashing. The same thing happens if I selected Windows 10 32-bit, then run a Windows 10 64-bit installer. Is there a way to install Windows 10 64-bit? Maybe a BIOS update? Different Windows 10 installer? Specs: Model: STCK1A32WFC CPU: Intel Atom Z3735F RAM: 2GB ROM: 32GB eMMC + 64GB Micro SD
  12. Is there a difference in performance in using a DRAM-less SSD vs using a SSD with DRAM? How much difference would it be?
  13. I am planning to upgrade my system with SSD. I am planning to buy 3 SSDs, one for WIndows 10 (OS Drive), the other for games, and the other for general use (ex: documents, excel files, pdf, game saves etc.). Questions: What kind SSD is suitable for Windows 10, game drive, and (general use) data drive? (NVME M.2 vs SATA vs DRAM less SSD) Does using NVME M.2 have any benefits over SATA SSD in Winodws 10 and games? Would you rather use a Hard Drive instead of an SSD for general use or data drive?
  14. Does this mean that the laptop's headphone jack is broken?
  15. I am now trying to reformat / reinstall Windows 10. I'll update this post whether reformatting works or not. Edit/Update: Still got the same problem, also tried running driver updates and Windows updates.
  16. It's the built-in audio driver, it does not come with any control panel, I can only control it from the Windows' sound settings. There were no updates for the audio driver, since the rollback driver button in Device Manager is grayed out. I tried spraying it with compressed air, and I also tried to clean the audio jack (cotton swab with alcohol; also tried spraying WD-40 inside the audio jack), but the issue still persists.
  17. How can I do that? I am in Windows 10 Version 2004. On the sound settings I only have 1 playback device. I think the headphone jack and built-in speakers are sharing 1 playback device. -This is from another PC, but it also looks like this on the HP laptop. (Only 1 Playback Device)
  18. So the ATI Radeon 4770 is better than the GT 230? I don't have any place or a box to store the extra GPU, but I am currently finding it's original packaging / box.
  19. I would like to see how it works, like a diagram on the circuitry (if electronically) or mechanism (if mechanical). I am asking this because my laptop (HP 520) is stuck in headphone mode. The built-in speakers are working, but after I used a headphone, the built-in speakers are not working anymore.
  20. How does the headphone jack on a phone or PC know that I plugged a headphone in? -Headphone Jack on my phone and a 3.5mm Audio Cable -Headphone and Mic Jacks from my PC case
  21. For PC3 it has 2 GPUs plugged in to the motherboard, but the PCIe power cable on the NVIDIA GT 230 is not plugged in. Would this cause any issues (ex: hang, lag, etc...)? Is the ATI Radeon 4770 better than the NVIDIA GT 230?
  22. Then would a GTX 1050Ti or a GTX 1650 work or will it also be a bottleneck?
  23. Which is better PC1 or PC2, in terms of CPU. I would move the 4GB RAM on the better system... Would you recommend GTX 1060 on PC3? My friend offered his GTX 1060 at a very low price...
  24. I have 3 CPU's. Please rank them by specs and please recommend upgrades for GPU. I would like to reuse them, since I can't afford to build one yet. Is GTX 1060 good enough or is it very bottlenecked? My friend wants to sell it to me at a very low price... PC1: Intel Pentium D 3.0GHz 4GB RAM (2 x 2GB DDR2) NVIDIA Geforce 8400 GS PC2: Intel Pentium E2160 2GB RAM (2 x 1GB DDR2) iGPU PC3: Intel Core2Quad 8GB RAM (4 x 2GB DDR2) ATI Radeon 4770 NVIDIA GT 230 (Not plugged in)