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    Intel i7-9700K @4.9 GHz
  • Motherboard
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    Corsair 32GB (4x8GB) 3200MHz CL16 Vengeance
  • GPU
    Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super Gaming OC
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    Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB
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    Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB
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    Corsair RM750X
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    ASUS 27" ROG Swift PG278QR G-Sync 165Hz
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    Corsair Hydro H150i Pro 360mm
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    Razer Mamba TE
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    HyperX Cloud Revolver S
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Guess I shouldn’t have upgraded to the 2080 Super... JK, did a trade up with my RTX 2070 so I basically got the 2080 Super for free so I’m good
  2. My 2080 Super stays at about 1995 MHz without any overclock. But with MSI afterburner overclock it stays at about 2040MHz. But you gain much more from overclocking the memory on the card so I would say that he should still overclock it. My suggestion: Download MSI Afterburner, max out the power limit (should be about 120%), add core clock of +30MHz, add memory clock of +500MHz. This should be 100% stable and you should gain about 4-5% performance. Though you can probably push it further. Mine handles about +60MHz in core clock and +1300MHz in memory and then I gain about 9% performance compared to default (no overclock).
  3. I disabled all of them that I could find which made me go from 3700 points to 3880, so it helped but I feel like my score is still a little bit too low. But maybe there was some background app I couldn't find or it is the RAM.
  4. Yeah, it probably is my memory then. I have no idea how to overclock/change the timings for the memory correctly so I just run XMP instead.
  5. I have got it installed. With default CPU clocks I get a score of about 3200 and with my OC at 5.2 GHz my best score is about 3880 points. Still lower than the 4200 I have seen other people get at 5.2 GHz...
  6. They are all running at 100%, though this time I actually got a score of 3890! Though that is still about 300 points lower then what I’ve seen other people get...
  7. Yeah, that is what I'm doing all the time. Every one of the cores operates between 5198 MHz - 5203 MHz.
  8. Oh, didn't think about that. Though what I have found is that most 9700K seems to have a ratio of about 7.55-7.7 x so something is weird with mine...
  9. Tried it again with task manager open to check the core speeds and disablede every startup program. It was running at 5.2 Ghz during the whole run and this time the score was about 100 points higher, 3800. It is still quite far away from the 4100-4200 that I have seen other people get with the 9700K at 5.2 Ghz... I just did the math and realized that something might be wrong with on of the cores on the CPU... If you look at the picture I included at my first post, the Single-core score is 534 and multi-core score is 3723. If you take 534 x 8 = 4272 which is the score I should be close to considering I have got 8 cores and the single score is 534. 534 * 7 = 3738, is about the same as the score I got. It kinda seems to me like only 7 cores out of my 8 work properly considering that my single-core score multiplied with 7 is my multi-core score... Also if you look at my MP Ratio, it is 6.98 x and shouldn't it be closer to 8 x considering my CPU got 8 cores? With other peoples tests they seem to have a MP Ratio of about 7.62 x, and @jstudrawa have a MP Ratio of 7.68 x. To me it seems like one of my cores is broken, but is that even possible?
  10. Okay, you mean Task Manager? I just went to the gym but will check it with Task Manager when I get home so I’m back with the results within 2 hours!
  11. I always run it with HwMonitor and CPU-Z open. I have got no throttling, it stays at 5.2Ghz during the whole run and max temp is 88 degrees Celsius.
  12. Yes but Cinebench always reports the stock clock speed which is 3.6 Ghz. HWMonitor says 5.2 GHz during the full run
  13. Hello! Basically I have overclocked my i7 9700K to 5.2 GHz at manual 1.420 voltage. It seems stable but will have to stress-test it a lot more. Though one thing I have noticed is that I only get a multi core score of about 3700 in Cinebench r20... I have seen people getting over 4100 points with their i7 9700K at 5.2 GHz. Does anyone know what the problem might be? All feedback is appreciated! Thanks.
  14. Yeah, the grinding nowadays in GTA are hella annoying. Takes like 250 hours to get $25 million... And no one should buy shark cards since they are quite a bad value... You have to find hackers that are willing to give you money! I’ve earned about $40 million legit and gotten about $180 million from hackers. And somehow I’ve spent it all...
  15. I love this gambling update though never ever I would spend money on Shark Cards! I get my money from hackers.