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    Anime titties and logic. Computer and science.

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  1. I hate my parents when they opened my door without knocking at the worst time. One time, my mom opened my door, and she saw me naked running around my bed at 7PM. On the other time, my dad opened my door when I am in the middle of changing my clothes. My parents have this habit that will never change soon. 

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    2. Speed Weed

      Speed Weed

      @imreloadin That gif is me at 3AM. 

      @CUDAcores89 My room has a lock, but it doesn't really matter at all to my mom and dad when they have the key to unlocked it. 

    3. Schnoz


      @Speed WeedFill the lock hole with hot glue.

    4. imreloadin


      @Speed Weed ahh so it's more like this then...