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  1. Hi, okay so first off my computer itself is incredibly slow playing Fortnite at the lowest setting i wont break 70FPS my computer is a HP Pavilion p7-1297cb. There is A lot of space taken up on it from old family photos but I cant really get rid of those for obvious reasons. I was wondering if there are any little things I could do/ buy to help me with these issues. As far as my internet goes, it's pretty bad. I used to have amazing high speed internet when I lived in the city and it was amazingly fast, but as things happens my mother got remarried and now I live the middle of no where. I'm getting internet from A AT&T wireless home phone and internet box thing. The speeds are horrible as I write this my current internet speed is- (idk why it pasted like that i just coppied it from the speed test) 0.89 Mbps upload 0.12 Mbps download Is there anything I could do to increase my internet speed? Thanks in advance