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Dalton Ronsick

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  1. Dalton Ronsick

    Built in mic issues

    but i dont got the money
  2. Dalton Ronsick

    Built in mic issues

    So my earbuds has a built in mic. When i plug them into the mic jack it gives me a list of options (Line in, Mic, Headphones, Front Speaker, Etc.). if i choose headphones the mic doesnt work. if i choose Mic It uses the speaker in the earbuds as a mic, not the built in mic. So i plugged it into my speaker jack, then i choose mic, same thing. so i chose mic in. same thing. Any advice? I dont have money to buy the adapter
  3. Dalton Ronsick

    Alienware 14

    So ive been using this alienware 14 for a couple years. Lately the left speaker has been buzzing when noise is coming in. Any suggestions?
  4. Dalton Ronsick

    Mouse pad

    Best way to flatten this mouse pad? tried heating up with hair dryer then put weights on it, didn’t work
  5. Dalton Ronsick

    750 TI OC

    I just bought a 750 TI OC and I have a 350W with an i3 processor will it run fine?