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    Z170-A Pro
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    Asus Rog Strix GTX 1060
  • Case
    Antec questionmark
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    SSD + HDD
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    Evga supernova G2 750W
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    Windows xp

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  1. No worries already cleaned it with a sewing kit, put everything back together and the PC still acts autistic.
  2. @Syn.Ye I have Windows 10 on the SSD pre-installed. Bruh just opened it up is that fkn thermal paste on the socket...?
  3. I did put the old RAM in. But now my mouses sometimes work and sometimes not. Right now I can't get any mouse to work with this fkn mobo. Basically this is the sequence of what happens. 1. I start the pc and smash F2 like a madman 2. The audio speaker beeps and the screen goes black 3.A Screen lights up and throws me in BIOS settings OR 3.B The black screen persists but there's a text saying something like "Fast boot failed wanna try in safe mode or something (Y/N))
  4. @Syn.Your tips unfortunately didn't help. LOL nvm I was just writing this and the sucker went into Bios alone randomly.... Wtf...
  5. Good to know. I indeed have a Logitech keyboard. I don't know the exact model, but I think It's the G105 or something.
  6. Uhhhhh niceeee one. It had 16 gigs of ddr3, i removed them and put a 2x4 and it doesnt seem to work. I will try that and I removed the only drive which was a SSD Crucial and nothing happened.
  7. Aight I'll clear CMOS as soon as I get back home again. Can you tell me in detail... Do I just have to remove it and wair for 5 minutes? Anyway I tried both the GPU and the mobo HDMI ports, the GPU at least shows a picture while the mobo doesn't seem to give a fuk.
  8. Hi. I have an I7-3770 CPU on an Intel motherboard DZ77-50K. The motherboard does receive sound that I'm smashing the F2 key but nothing happens. Oh nice just got weird red satanic writings thingies on the top of the sreen now as well. Please look at the pictures...thanks for any help!
  9. Thank you for correcting me!!! I meant any X570 that is more pricey. SOME entry-level ones are decent. MSI X570 entry-level motherboards have bad vrms and therefore are trash so stay away from them @Wilmotheworm
  10. Hey man. The i7-3770 is a bit old but still an excellent CPU and will manage to run Fortnite on Epic settings combined with a good GPU. 16GBs of DDR3 is still up to this day decent for games. You already have the case and PSU. Get an LGA1155 motherboard and grab the RX 580 if it's a good bargain. If you have 500$ though I'd go for the GTX 1660 Super.
  11. To be honest any Asus/MSI/Asrock/Gigabyte motherboard with a X570 chipset is good. Personally I'd get the Gigabyte X570 AORUS PRO.
  12. The 3D score is 8700. I guess that's all the jucie this card has? The GTX 1060 has a score of a suprising 9400. Checked it multiple times. I gues I'll keep the GTX 1060.
  13. I mean I played Rust, Metro Exodus and Valorant. The GPU usage is 80 - 100% (Usually 80%) and had MSI Afterburners overlay and it was always the same results. 1900-2025 core clock speed. When I'm doing nothing it rests at 600 mhz which is kind of high, but when I do ANY sort of gaming/rendering it immediately jumps at 1900-2025 mhz core clock and just stays like that until I stop that activity. Will try "Superposition" tommorow tho.
  14. Oh shoot my bad. I'm just too comfortable with using certain words... My cousin has autism and he calls me autistic, than I call him autistic and we just laugh it off so I see the word as non offensive. Sorry again and thank you for the PC help.