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  1. i"m at voice call with my friend and i can hear his pc sound how to fix?
  2. so my dad bough huawei mate 30 from china and when he takes it home alot of thing doesnt work. so is it possible to clean install to other os for the phone?
  3. im using a laptop so the reciever and the mouse are basicly side by side. and i plug mine at usb 2.0 i think does it matter? i use 3 different type of battery so far and same thing happen all the time. also do you leave the logitech g software or logitech g hub open? does it matter?
  4. So i have a logitech g305/4 and it works fine except that no matter what softwarei use either logitech g hub or logitech g software the battery status is always full But if i use the battery for while the mouse will start acting wierdly Whenever the mouse goes to sleep to save battery its hard to make the mouse awake sometimes switching on and off works, sometimes taking the battery off and put it back works to, but the longer i use the battery the harder it's to wake the mouse i have to keep moving the mouse until it awake by it self And when i though the battery was empty i try putting the battery on other device and it wokr fine is there is any way to fix it? also does rechargeable battery works on this mouse?
  5. lately my wifi is unstable and i wonder if its because of the router since its quite old. i tested the ethernet and it works fine if its the router problem what kind of router i should get
  6. so to open this hp laptop back i have to prey this 4 clip on the back and i have prey 2 clip on the left and there is another 2 on the right that for some reason hard to open any tips? i need to open it since i got problem with my wifi card being loosen
  7. laptop dvd drive. if i replace it with the hdd/ssd converter, will it perform like advertised or slower
  8. if i change my dvd drive to hdd/ssd converter, does my drive perform the same or slower?
  9. Was replying to some respond black out happen so the wifi reset and now its working. I'll consider buying a new router thanks.
  10. used to be 1 device now its on all device
  11. I can connect to my internet but it says no internet. i can't even go to router config. any way to fix it?
  12. Indonesia Under 1000 Gaming, light edit, school assignment Reasonable I always brought my charger doesn't really matter
  13. Should i get a r5 2500u gtx 1050 laptop (ASUS F570ZD) or laptop with i5 8300H gtx 1050? ASUS F570ZD should be around 650$
  14. Just like the title, does usb wireless headset has delay? if there is, is it big or small? and is there is any good usb wireless headset for cheap or good price?