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  • CPU
    i5 6300hq
  • RAM
    8GB DDR3L
  • GPU
    GTX 950M
  • Storage
    1TB 5400RPM
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K65
  • Mouse
    Logitech G102

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  1. Chris2002

    help me pick new mouse

    i broke my logitech g102 now i want a new mouse but i dont know what to buy. is there is any brand mouse that cost around 35$ or somewhere around that?
  2. Chris2002

    headsets head cushion holder feel off

    well this is the first time i break stuff from rage and it was the headset. i hit my mouse so many time and it never broke the same goes for my keyboard somehow and for my laptop not the time yet im not very rich and i got so many headset anyway so i don't really mind. and its not very comfortable i rather use earphone
  3. so last night i was rage at a game and smashed my headset (logitech g231) and now one of the piece that hold the head cushion feel of and when i try to put in on back it just stuck halfway is there is anyway to put it in correctly
  4. what i really want to know is what driver i should really install since i dont really want to have tons of crap in my laptop but thanks for the tips there
  5. I like to reinstall windows everytime i get problem with my windows or when i get performance drop, but i never know what driver should i get to install and ended up installing all. so can someone tell me what driver should i get for laptop? or where can i get auto driver apps? the laptop im using is a hp pavilion 15 gaming (gtx950m)
  6. Chris2002

    Internet slow down when i close my laptop lid

    yes im using a laptop. is there is anyway to make the antena work when the lid is closed? sorry for the long respond
  7. so recently, I use an external monitor and i want to use the external monitor only. So i set second monitor only and close my laptop lid and somehow my internet become slower and when i take the lid up again the internet is back again. So is there is any solution.
  8. Chris2002

    mouse sidebutton double click

    i have this logitech g102 mouse for almost 2 years and lately i get a problem when i press the back side button its double click instead of single click. the rest of the mouse are fine only the back side button.
  9. Chris2002

    white noise on headset microphone

    @1300ny i have checked it was up to date. and also no matter what headset or mic i plug the white noise is there. so i asume its not the hardware
  10. Chris2002

    white noise on headset microphone

    @mathizel 3.5mm combined, logitech g231, win10
  11. Chris2002

    white noise on headset microphone

    is there is anyway to remove white noise on headset mic that plugged in laptop. im using a hp pavilion 15 gaming laptop. i have a small voice, so when i put on the boost higher the white noise become louder.
  12. Chris2002

    broken mechanical keyboard switch

    nevermind it, i buy a new kb anyway and the keyboard already fix after not using it for a day.
  13. Chris2002

    broken mechanical keyboard switch

    my "W" on keyboard just died for no reason but the led is still on somehow. anyway to fix it? it would be great if there is the way to fix it other than buying new one since im kinda broke