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  1. yep that is true I 2 have old graphics card lying around my room (FX 5770 256MB OC) A BFG technologies one and a ASUS 7600 gt that i got in a charity shop if you guys want to see them (c. 2003 era)
  2. thanks for the advice ? I am probably going to go for something like that when i get round to upgrading....
  3. no you cant reset the bios through software
  4. go into the bios and choose the reset option it should be in the location where the save chages and reset is choose that select save changes and reset or just take out the battery for a few minutes. Thanks for that info that you could it that way also
  5. yeah it probably is a bottleneck but i did get the speed up to about 3.9 ghz i think when i overclocked lol but i am going to upgrade it at some point
  6. got that PC used (p6 202 uk one) used about 2016 early 2017 can't quite remember then when it failed (oem psu broke it ) i upgraded to a ryzen PC getting the parts like the CPU,ram,motherboard,case,ssd first and reusing the gt140 graphics card in it for about a year and a half till it failed then I got a rtx 2070 strix oc as it was on sale on amazon.co.uk (my current PC is this one) That's my story really tbh. I changed a case about a year ago to a h700i and got a nh d 15 cooler. Haven't upgraded though recently tbh
  7. i had a pentum g620 dual core 2.6ghz hp prebuilt from 2009 it had a gt 140 6gb of ram 500gb hard drive (no ssd) hp pavilion p6 2020 uk i think also had a pentium laptop before that cant remember the specs though
  8. agreed never used it once lol not even sure what its meant to do
  9. good luck with your issue though. Hope you get it sorted ?
  10. I have a issue with asus aura sometimes actually where it'll just randomly cause my entire pc to restart lol
  11. ok np just a program i got told about once has worked for me on a different program before
  12. what way did you uninstall it? Try using something like REVO uninstaller on it https://www.revouninstaller.com/revo-uninstaller-free-download/ just use the free one
  13. check all your connections on the GPU (inside and outside the pc
  14. just get a adpater from amazon https://www.amazon.de/s?k=Displayport+to+HDMI&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
  15. ok that might be better.I was just getting drivers that i know would work
  16. https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/B450 Pro4/#Download ^download the lan driver and the audio driver if the audio doesn't work https://www.gigabyte.com/ie/Graphics-Card/GV-N107TWF2-8GD/support#support-dl-driver choose Windoes 10 64bit and download the driver (version 388.13) correct options for GPU page in image ? correct opitioms Sorry didn't see your post till now
  17. i wouldn't send that kind of stuff lol no I checked the files before I sent them ?
  18. np yeah you should be able to get the GPU one also Just use the link I sent you in the email You don't an account signed in to download them