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  1. The new board doesn't support your CPU that's why it's boot looping
  2. I was talking about where you said you made a mistake
  3. just messaged them they are type 3 cables that they sell
  4. yeah I know the feeling had to try to get 80gb of video files off my hard drive once when it failed (failed to recover them in the end ? )
  5. it's always takes forever when I had to do it once
  6. https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/MPG-X570-GAMING-PLUS M7C37v2.1-EURO.pdf
  7. if u want i can send you the manual as a document here?
  8. nott sure what the small black wire that jumpers two connections together is for (fan headers usually dont need that to supply power to the port (it could be shorting to the PWM pin on the fan header-not needed for that light)
  9. I'm guessing its this PSU https://www.corsair.com/ww/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/cxm-series-2015-config/p/CP-9020102-UK#tab-faqs are you upgrading your original cables or replacing broken ones
  10. you need the corsair rgb hub to use the rgb I think
  11. one day i want to build floppy to usb converter to use one on windows 10 and windows 7 lol
  12. it's normal i think my 2070 has the same pin like that possibly (not 100% sure) yes though its perfectly fine and isn't going to cause it to fail
  13. It'll work PCIE is backwards compatible
  14. Take your time Don't rush the build do your front panel connections before you put in the GPU Defnitionally let us know how goes Try to keep your cables tidy
  15. agreed finally someone who appreciates the older computers lol I got a old dell vostro 200 also that day (3 pcs 2 worked other one had a dead bard ? )
  16. same lol I have a random intel Core2Duo 6300 in a drawer that i salvaged from a old pc my school was throwing away lol Got 3 sticks of 512 mb SK HYNIX DDR2 memory also (motherboard was broken sadly ? )