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Everything posted by Ben17

  1. Thanks for the correction ? I always thought they were tbh
  2. thouh it is a good board still though i think the b450 is probably a better bet for future proofing tbh
  3. It's an older chipset from the first launch of ryzen originally around 2017 so I don't think it's much better tbh (though I'm not 100% on motherboard and chipsets
  4. the strix boards tend to be better quality than the tuf boards i think
  5. Just posting to bookmark this thread Looks good so far ?
  6. Glad it didn't break on you Hope all goes with the laptop and college btw ?
  7. looks better than me used to look also lol only sorted out all the cable mess behind my PC and monitor today lol
  8. Tbh I just jammed most of my cables down the back of my radiator
  9. Yes it does you did a better job than I did on my setup with a wooden desk tbh
  10. I have done it with a ryzen 3 on the stock cooler once but didn't get amazing results tbh
  11. No there won't be a bottleneck
  12. you'll be fine not the best temps/airflow but but you'll be fine though as TVwazhere said
  13. You should be fine to have two different size monitors (not sure about resolution though)
  14. np Thats about the only idea I can think of (not sure if it'll work though)
  15. maybe a power conditioner short of that I'm not sure tbh
  16. The new board doesn't support your CPU that's why it's boot looping
  17. I was talking about where you said you made a mistake
  18. just messaged them they are type 3 cables that they sell