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  1. What are the system specs (hardware present)
  2. Check your CPU power cable is plugged in as it looks like an empty connecter in the photo
  3. No using one of those cables won't impact performance BTW those are for power not data. I thought u were talking about the data cable that goes into the motherboard. If this solved your problem please mark this post as best answer.☺
  4. I still would keep a backup though of everything on the drive even if u get it working as it may fail again!!!
  5. Do u have a picture of the multiport SATA cable as I have never heard of them though it depends on whether the drives are able to use only half the speed of the connection
  6. GPU pcie power( if present on card) CPU power Motherboard 24 pin connecter SATA power for any SATA drives Front panel connecters USB 3.0,2.0 and audio connections on motherboard from case
  7. Yeah u did kill them as nzxt strips use 5 volts and the motherboard uses 12 volts for RGB strip connecters
  8. Check your CPU 8 pin power connected is plugged into the top of the board by the rear io area as it looks like it may not be plugged in from the picture.
  9. I don't have a ps2 port on my PC ???
  10. What if u have both 120mm fans and 140mm fans the survey only let's me pick one or the other
  11. The PSU should be ok without being bolted down into the case but just wondering does the case not have mounting screw's for the PSU or did u lose the screws.
  12. I did have windows 7 and 10 installed on the same drive before just I had to change the board and CPU due to a failure but do u know a way to get past the no USB in the installer thanks Ben
  13. Is it possible to install windows 7 on a ryzen PC? Can't get past installed no USB support in installer am using windows 10 at moment just would like to use windows 7 sometimes also thanks Ben
  14. Try booting with 1 stick of RAM and also check the memory sockets for any damage / debris. Also if that doesn't work try different ram
  15. I don't blame u for conforming hope ur mind is at ease now with the PSU
  16. A egpu is a external graphics card I think
  17. Check your RAM isn't bad and also check the rams gold contacts at the base of the stick and the socket pins in the dimm socket
  18. Thanks that's why did decided to get it as it was a high capacity drive and from a retupable manafucturer and a good price
  19. Check your HDMI cable isn't bad has happened to me before.
  20. Is this drive a good deal already getting PC case from there so taking advantage of the delivery charge https://www.komplett.ie/western-digital-blue-2-tb/20555442/product Thanks Ben
  21. It's false the PC only pulls what it needs from the PSU no more no less though don't get a cheap PSU though as they could fry everything