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Posts posted by Ben17

  1. 19 minutes ago, AljeljaSRB said:

    Hi, i have a question. Can i make a ide to sata adapter from old mobo which has both ide and sata connectors. I know that i can buy adapter for cheap but because this situation i am forced to make one. I need adapter to transfer old pictures and videos from ide hdd but only mobo that I have that works is msi a320m-pro. 

    no you can't use a board as an adapter. though you can plug a sata drive in and a ide drive in and copy them between each other though

  2. 32 minutes ago, flashiling said:

    Hey peeps. I'm tasked with building a backup server. And i'm just wondering if i've placed my ram properly or if anyone knows a better way to place them.

    They are placed in the slots marked with a red line.

    Thanks for your time


    what board/server is it?

    Not every board is the same tbh

  3. 7 minutes ago, NotSoSmallDavid said:

    Yea, each ram stick works fine on its own. I should also mention i have 2x 8GB sticks and when only 1 ram stick is present in hte MOBO, it saysthere is 8GB Recognised but only 4GB available. It seems that it is reserving half the available RAM for some reason

    Check the hardware reserved amount in task manager 

    image.thumb.png.e640db6fe83cdb26728acf838ebc6d59.pngHere's what mine looks like btw

  4. 15 minutes ago, Geruiem said:

    No, i just have whatever Windows Defender offers. It became read only after the first try of using it as a bootable USB.

    the stuff in this thread might help just be careful if you use the command prompt one 

  5. Just now, nelska said:

    it's for printers, which would be plugged into both the pc and the modem.. for some reason. I really dont know. honestly I do but im braindead at this point lol.

    no worries,

    btw the usb port on modems isn't just for printers.

    I  think you can plug an external hard drive into it or something?