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  1. Threadripper 2000er series for gaming?

    im waiting for the new 2080/1180 gpu! my budget exeedes 3000€ so i can buy a top of the line parts
  2. Threadripper 2000er series for gaming?

    im doung videoediting as well and have a lot of programs at the side as well at least 10 programs at once
  3. Threadripper 2000er series for gaming?

    i want to overclock and with soldered it gets cooler
  4. Threadripper 2000er series for gaming?

    i wopuld wait for the next gen for the i7-9700k aperantly it has sodered his and that is intel for you, they finnaly did that what every wants them to cause delidding is shit and voids your warranty
  5. Threadripper 2000er series for gaming?

    im just so new im planing to build a new gaming monster and i wanted the top of the art cpu thats on the market thats why i wait i planned to buy the i7-9700k but this threadripper cpu looks very good too!
  6. i just looked into the specs of the new 2000x series of treadripper and they said its for enthusiasts anmd gamers? but these are 12 or 16 cores, are these no too much for just gaming or have they somehow achieved to cut up the workload again so that more cores can handle games? is that even possible?
  7. cable comb usable for my powersupplycables

    so my psu can only work wiht these cames that come with it? so i woul dhave to buy a extention for the combs cause that would look waaaaaay better than a cablemess in the front
  8. im thinking of buying the 850 Watt Corsair RMx Series RM850x Modular 80+ Gold and the cables in itselfe look kind of ugly! can i use cablecombs for it. can it fit in different cables or are all 24pin ect. the same size so i can use them on all cables even when i buy different powersuplys i with different cables they come with?
  9. wait for the new gpu or buy a 1080 ti

    im planing to build a new pc cause my old pc has only an amd fx-8350 and a 980 ti founders. and the dicsound because of the new gpu is a good tip thats the info im looking for.
  10. wait for the new gpu or buy a 1080 ti

    but maybie have knowlege that i dont have. and can give me advice what i choose so that i can decide on a motherbouard and everything else and see if any of them are on a dicount until the release of the parts. its just a upgraded coffelake generation and should have the same sockets!
  11. i7-9700k and i9-9900k price confusion

    i know i just want to have some advice if a i9 processor is gonna even be selled at 450. im a technewbie
  12. wait for the new gpu or buy a 1080 ti

    i was thinking of buying the new gpu thats gonna be presented on 20 august when rumors are true. My problem now is the price: will it be 1000€+? i only have a budget until 1000€. And i dont like founders editions when are the strix, evga ectr. gonna come?
  13. i saw in some news that the new cpus are around 450+, but are i9s realy that cheap? the ones i found are always at 1000+! is the bottom price of 450+ refer to the i7.9700k? cause i want to build my balls to the wall gaming pc worth 3000+ and i think a 1000 bucks expensive i9 is i think too expensive. and is the i7-9700k without hyperthreading better than the 8700k?
  14. i7-9700k when release estimation?

    when this is true that wouold mean intel turned away from tim and are finaly thinking,maybie Intel thought: "Why do all the people delidd our cpus? is it that bad?" then i will wait for these new cpus, from the specs and ihs it looks super great
  15. i7-9700k when release estimation?

    i was refering to the deli-die-mate from caseking if you maybie mixed that up and sure!