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  1. Bayonett Priest

    how hot should be cpus be?

    im gouing with a 360 rad with the cpu so i will see how hot it can get!
  2. Bayonett Priest

    how hot should be cpus be?

    thanks i thought when it gets over 85 degrees it gets degraded and damaged!
  3. i preordered the 9900k but it seems it gets very hot! but i dont know how hot it can be before it degrades with time? how hot should a cpu be to runn optimal and doesnt degrade with time? this will be my first build want to overclock to 4,9 or 5 ghz
  4. Bayonett Priest

    mountaincristals in pc?

    exactly! i watched this and when i planed my build i remembered this video cause at the bottom there is nothing witch sucks and not glued in it i want maybie do something else and when i glue it on there i dont have any possibilities!
  5. Bayonett Priest

    mountaincristals in pc?

    they are transparent but not too much they are raw cristals so like milky look witch is good for me cause i dont wanna see the individual lightstrips at the bottom
  6. Bayonett Priest

    corsair ll120 remove stickers worth it?

    thank you very much i have cutom fangrills so i dont want some stupid sticker ruin the beauty of the fans and grill together
  7. Bayonett Priest

    mountaincristals in pc?

    so this is my case: my thing is on the bottom there is no fans(dont plan to) so there is just a white bottom and thats not good, so i thought put like 2-3 corsair rgb lightstrips at the bottom and then on top raw mountain cristals so that the light shines through the cristals! i hope that doesn`t affect airflow! My airflow would be 360 rad top intake and then 3 fans at the side for exhaust and a normal 2080 ti founders with 2 fans! im just am curious how the light would shine through it though?
  8. Bayonett Priest

    corsair ll120 remove stickers worth it?

    i was thinking that the sticker on the corsair ll 120s are in the way and doesnt look that great. but if i remove them does the lighting change? are the rgb lights facing the fans itself or more forward?havent installed them jet!
  9. Bayonett Priest

    kable melting beside cpu cooler?

    thanks i was just questioning cause the cable was near the cpu witch is hot nad i dont know at what point cablels melt or malfunction
  10. Bayonett Priest

    improving the Lian Li o11 Dynamic

    and that is my FIRST build(never build before), im moding the shit out of my second one
  11. i got myselfe the maximus XI code and the aio pump header is right beside the cpu and i was asking how i should route my cable so that they are somewhat hidden! can i put the cable beside the coler or does the cable melt cause of the heat? cause i bought the asus rog ryujin aio and this one has a lot of cables! PS My first build so am sceptic of everything so i ask everything even when they are dumb questions!
  12. So i bought the o11Dynamic for my next build but the black bars did anoy me( i bought the white version why did they not to the glas in white to?) so i wraped the black bars in white carbon and now it looks way better! What do you guys think?
  13. Bayonett Priest

    need recomedations for black friday

    the omen looks very good for the price! all i need 100hz 1440p g-sinc. now i know omen has a very good monitor now thanks
  14. Bayonett Priest

    need recomedations for black friday

    im planning to buy a ultrawide curved monitor with g-sinc on black friday but im torn witch to buy: 1. my picks for the moment are: acer predator z35p or x34p and the Asus ROG SWIFT PG348Q 2. Witch is currently the best curved ultrawide with g-sinc monitor on the market? PS: i also found the AOC Agon AG352UCG but i dont know the company and im sceptic
  15. Bayonett Priest

    is it safe to install windows 10?

    yea my drive will explode( dejavu to note 7). RUN