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  1. Bayonett Priest

    Xbox one controller causes game to drop to 4fps!

    no there is no update!
  2. im using my xbox one controller on pc through bluetooth to play nioh but whenever i play it plays ok for 5 minutes(its locked to 60 fps!) but then drops to 4 fps and when my last input is going left he executes that order infinetly until i put the batteries from the controller out and turn it on again that solfes it for 5 minutes and then again the same! it definetly has nothing to do with my pc(9900k,2080 ti, 32gb ram, 970 evo) has someone a fix?
  3. Bayonett Priest

    Is this a good xlr interface?

    well i have a rode procaster with a fethead so my gain is through the roof!
  4. Bayonett Priest

    Is this a good xlr interface?

    so youre stuck with stock gain or is it the optimal setting?
  5. Bayonett Priest

    Is this a good xlr interface?

    yea but i dont see a gain meter im confused is it a usb interface or something else?
  6. Bayonett Priest

    Is this a good xlr interface?

    Im planing to get myselfe a good xlr interface but im questioning myselfe about my product of chosing is the goxlr! my queston there is no gainmeter! is that even a interface or do i need another station?
  7. when i try to open asus aura sync or live dash it doent open but i see it in the task manager but the program doent open! strangely all aura systems run in 32 bit is that a problem? ai suite 3 and rog armoury works fine! i tried reinstaling aura and live but didnt work unplugged the pc and restarted but didnt work! oh and when i try to open live dash i get the message ausu device not found! i have a 360 ryujin! i want to change the lighing but i cant! I heard that icue interferes with aura, i have 3 ll120s and 4 lightingstrips from corsair is that relevant?
  8. Bayonett Priest

    transfering os boot ssd to new pc

    i have a from win8.1 to 10 ssd and i wanna know can i just tranfer it to my new computer does it work normaly AFTER i have deinstalled the drivers of cpu and co.? is there a programm that does it?!
  9. Bayonett Priest

    how does ebay auctions work? please auction end soon!

    well he could acept and i could pay the difference privatly through paypal if he agrees!
  10. Bayonett Priest

    how does ebay auctions work? please auction end soon!

    so if the other seller bids 540 and i have a bit to 600 and it goes to my 550 bid, if the minimum price is 560 it wont be sold?
  11. im planing to buy the rog phone on ebay froma private seller who says its new there is still foil on the phone! and i have now questions he said that ther is a minimum bid( i asked him and he said its 560)! the current bid is 500 so my question if i bid 600 and the one who bids before me has it bid at 540 must i pay the 600 or just the minimum bid?
  12. Bayonett Priest

    motherboard recomendation for the Ryzen 3 2200g

    the pc is for my mother so it would work right? is it good longterm?
  13. im looking for a good motherboard for the 2200g! i need 3 fanheaders and maybe atx or matx and i want to overclock! im using it with a 1050! i heard that you have to update the bios for specific ryzen cpus! how do you do that? and my budget is around 90 bucks but can go to 110 but not that wanted to pay more!
  14. i have a mp3 audio and in there are quotes but sadly there is musik in it as well and that i dont want! is there a program that lets me delete tha musiktrack and let the voices be as a standalone so tha ti can cut it up? the voices are louder than the music! can i just delete the musik like that? i heard audacity can do that but i havent figured out how jet i need help please
  15. i have very unstable frequenzy and i tried everything to fix that! i have my 9900k manualy overclocked to 5ghz with 1,32v of voltage! but now i have very unstable frequenzy and never hit 5 ghz! i have the asus 360 rog ryujin and i get the temperature in realtime (idle 30 degrees) i now have the settings on stock with xmp2 activated and still top is 4,7 and lowest is 2,5! i heard that someone had problems in the bois where some green options were activated! i have the Maximus XI code with the 9900k! are there some options that i missed to deactivate?