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The Torrent

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    The torrent#5588

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  • CPU
    I7 8750H
  • Motherboard
    Alienware 17 R5
  • RAM
    16gb 2666
  • GPU
    gtx 1060 (will soon upgrade with graphics amp)
  • Case
    Alienware 17 R5
  • Storage
    256SSD M.2NVME + 1TB HDD
  • PSU
    Alienware BRICK
  • Display(s)
    120hz 1440p W/ Tobii Eye + 21.5inch 60hz 1080P
  • Cooling
    Alienware Vapour Chamber V2
  • Keyboard
    Alienware RGB
  • Mouse
    Logitech G703
  • Sound
    Adam A7X + RME Fireface 800
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. The Torrent

    Best Step-Down resolutions.

    contrasting ideas here. I did experiment by myself but i haven't got another 1080p monitor to compare so i cant tell if the gain from 720p to 1080p is worth the extra required processing power. My graphics card might but my display wont. With 720p my screen will have 2 pixels for each graphics pixel, but im guessing with 1080p it will start getting blurry because they will share pixels or something am i right or will it not work like that??
  2. The Torrent

    Best Step-Down resolutions.

    So i have a 1440p screen, and am wondering what the best step-down resolution is for games as i only have a gtx 1060 6gb. so for demanding games, i much rather turn the resolution down than anything. so what fits? i just dont know how it works, so if i chose 1080p will it fit ok? or will it actually look worse than it would on a normal 1080p screen? should i chose resolutions that are factors, such as will the only other appropriate resolution be 720p? (as its half of 1440p so it will fit? or does it not work like that?) etc. etc.
  3. http://prntscr.com/mtqm6p please explain whats happening in that 5th graph lol. temps are all about 50 c's and this is while installing a update in world of tanks with 'use all system resources' box ticked. Was just looking around and i was this why is it full is that healthy?? It doesn't seem to be coming down. TT
  4. The Torrent

    Which gaming monitor to buy?

    Go with any 144hz monitor when u get ur pc. No point getting it now as it won’t make a difference at all with your Xbox, monitor technology is changing all the time so you might as well wait for your build becaus stuff will be cheaper then than now.
  5. The Torrent

    Which headphones.

    thanks for the help guys, after extensive research I ended up getting Audeze El8 Titanium’s. i regret nothing they are amazing.
  6. The Torrent

    High cpu usage and low gpu usage +(pictures)

    Much? Don’t agree with that. Possibly slightly. possibly this guy has some next gen off brand North Korean ram?
  7. The Torrent

    Which headphones.

    I really want some Oppo pm3’s if anyone’s selling any. i was really disappointed when Oppo stopped producing headphones...
  8. The Torrent

    Which headphones.

    Yea I’m looking for something around the senheisers. i should have mentioned I need them to be closed back, for when producing on on the go. It just gives them some more universality, but if the 600’s where closed back, that would be perfect. Anyone know any as such? thanks
  9. The Torrent

    Which headphones.

    I posted this on Head fi forums but they not that active. They are like in waves and it’s the wrong time of year. So anyway, here it is. It might have some audiophile like talk such as no gaming headphones which I can’t be bothered to remove. i used to own a A&K DAC and song 1000xm3 headphones, It’s all gone now, Now I’m returning, but I’m different. I no longer care for ‘best quality’, I care for ‘best enjoyment’, I’m looking for some headphones. I’m considering Sony mdr z7 but they are a bit expensive. Budget between £100-£300. What I’ll use them for. Gaming (no I won’t get gaming headphones, not that any of you will reccomend them). Music in a quiet room (so no need for noise cancelling like my sony’s had) Production (I will use studio monitors (Adam a7x’s) for eq/balancing. This is only got some stuff so I don’t care about balanced non biased response). Must have equal to or better sound quality than song 1000x’s (slightly worse allowed if a lot cheaper). I don’t want them to look dumb. A lot of headphones look dumb such as Sennheiser momentum 2 (but if these are really worth it if you think I will consider it). Some headphones which look decent are Bose qc 35 (they look awesome), Sony 1000x’s, I don’t mind if they look very circular (like mdr z7’s) if they have much better sound quality, but it must be worth it. I won’t be using a DAC with them, actually I might, but nothing expensive, maybe a Sony Walkman? Idk. But studio production DAC (fireface 800) is a DAC anyway so I guess technically I am). I want them to have a small aux port. Idk about balance idek the difference (please don’t explain I’m not hard core audiophile anymore). Many thanks TT
  10. The Torrent

    High cpu usage and low gpu usage +(pictures)

    Are you stupid? first video I found. that guys using ddr3 which is even lower than the lowest here. I’m expecting major ram bottleneck.
  11. The Torrent

    High cpu usage and low gpu usage +(pictures)

    Strongly disagree. just go YouTube and search ‘does ram matter benchmarks’ or something. i mean between 2400 and 3000 there’s like a 20fps difference, so im guessing he’s loosing about 50-60fps due to that ram.
  12. The Torrent

    Alienware 17 RGB keyboard.

    Nice. tobii died? Mine was fine played whole of tomb raider with it on and it was amazing, I recommend getting that sorted before continuing tomb raider. also about temps, dell coming to do a repaste for me within the next week :))) so hopefully that should fix the temps. have fun :))
  13. The Torrent

    High cpu usage and low gpu usage +(pictures)

    Ok it’s not power so I’m thinking just extreme ram bottleneck
  14. The Torrent

    High cpu usage and low gpu usage +(pictures)

    You’ve also got a horrible ram bottleneck and your cpu probably needs upgrading.
  15. The Torrent

    High cpu usage and low gpu usage +(pictures)

    I’ve cracked it. most likely it’s a power bottleneck. What PSU do you have?